When a selfless social worker sets out to alleviate poverty in a small developing Chinese town, he discovers the true adventure – befriending the heartwarming villagers.

Los Angeles, CA (September 12, 2018) – TRICOAST ENTERTAINMENT – From emerging filmmaker Zheng Hua: EVERYDAY HERO is willing to present a motif of having and achieving the greatest dream,” wrote Asian Movie Pulse. Watch EVERYDAY HERO today on various VOD platforms including Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2NBfKdI.

EVERYDAY HERO (aka Nan Ge, Southern Brothers) tells the true and inspiring story of Brother Guo Jian Nan (Sun Hong Tao) – a selfless individual who dedicated his life to the Poverty Alleviation Program in a rural Chinese town. When Guo Jian Nan (normally called Nan Ge or Brother Nan) visits the small, coastal town of the LiTan village to investigate construction, he notices that all “the local residents still live in mud-brick houses and the elderly and children in town have been left behind. The town leader has lost his confidence in the Poverty Alleviation Program, just looking forward to having the government’s extra funds,” observed Asian Movie Pulse.

Appalled by such conditions, Guo Jian Nan decides he cannot stand idly by as he decides to move to the Li Tan village, where he will selflessly dedicate his time to overcoming poverty and achieving prosperity for the villagers. “His approach to poverty is not relying on public funds but on creating revenue within the town. When he tells his plan to the locals, it sounds similar to New Deal Policy instituted during the Great Depression. People are cautious and do not take his idea seriously, but he keeps his faith in this town, never stops helping them to alleviate poverty, and even sacrifices his interest and his own life for them,” continued Asian Movie Pulse.

As the town is built back to life, Guo Jian Nan meets the heartwarming villagers, who cannot express their gratitude enough. But, Guo Jian Nan’s deep passion to alleviate poverty and achieve a better future causes his health to deteriorate, selflessly sacrificing himself for the good of the people. After spending a lifetime helping others, can Brother Brother Guo Jian Nan help himself?

Captured beautifully, “Director Zheng Hua creates a great, saintly character in Nan Ge” (AMP), by showcasing his noble journey to alleviate an impoverished town, with the ultimate goal to achieve a better reality for the villagers, now and in the future.

Concluding with a postscript detailing China’s dedication to take rural people out of poverty by 2020, EVERYDAY HERO is an insightful and educational film that speaks to poverty worldwide and “shows the real poverty that exists in China” (AMP), as it obtains the largest economic divide between city and country. “While people living in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai can command wages equaling that of any capital in the West, many people in the countryside still live below the poverty line,” supported Cultured Vultures.

Produced by Guangdong Southern Lead TV & Film Communication Co., Ltd., TriCoast Entertainment has released EVERYDAY HERO onto select online video streaming platforms – DirecTV, Amazon, In Demand, iTunes, Vimeo on Demand, Google Play, Dish and Sling – watch EVERYDAY HERO today here: https://amzn.to/2NBfKdI.


EVERYDAY HERO (2017, 91 min.) Directed by Zheng Hua. Produced by: Sun Hong Tao. Cinematography by: He Yong Jian. Edited by: Ed Marx, Jeff Murphy. China, Chinese. Guangdong Southern Lead TV & Film Communication Co., Ltd. TriCoast Worldwide, TriCoast Entertainment.

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Guangdong Southern Lead TV & Film Communication Co., Ltd.

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