Scriptonomics is revolutionizing script analysis with next-gen machine learning software

Scriptonomics has developed a revolutionary proprietary patent-pending geometric story-model program that assures easy and unbiased analysis of a script and its validity at the box office in as little as 30 seconds.

Los Angeles, California, September 12, 2018: No more long hours of guesswork in green lighting screenplays. Scriptwriters can now gauge the success-meter of new scripts almost immediately!! Sounds utopian, right? Well, a visionary transformative data technology company, Scriptonomics, has recently launched an innovative machine learning software named “Story-Scanner”, that can “read” and breakdown the script in as little as 30 seconds and give you a range of breakdowns and visualizations.

Scriptonomics has developed a proprietary patent-pending geometric story-model program which is designed to evaluate a script using the latest Natural-Language Processing models, Big Data, and Machine Learning capabilities. Story-Scanner aims to facilitate critical decision making around a script based on informed and unbiased observation, backed by the state of the art technologies of AI and machine learning. Powered by cloud computing, the Scriptonomics program can simultaneously work with numerous productions to optimize the creative process and finally maximize profits.

Hollywood has been producing films for over 110 years, relying on the creative genius of a few and losing money for many. In 2018, with self-driving cars materializing and sophisticated artificial intelligence disrupting multiple industries, the film industry has still not figured out what stories make for profitable films. Films like 47 Ronin, that lost $100M in 2013, and A Wrinkle in Time, that lost $80M this year, are still being produced. On the other hand, films such as Saw, that turned $1.2M budget to $100M+ box office, and Wonder, that turned $20M to $300M+ box office, are being produced and having great success but they are far and few. Scripts that are going through in depth story departments and big named talent are being used in both hits and flops. A better data-driven approach is of dire need for filmmakers and studios. And this is where Scriptonomics’ Story-Scanner comes to the rescue.

So, how does the Scriptonomics system works?

Well, when a scriptwriter uploads his script to the Scriptonomics website, Story-Scanner projects it onto a geometric story space. The system begins its work by comparing the uploaded story with multiple successful and highly profitable movies of the world. Most importantly, it gauges how well the script would befit the present movie market- character-by-character and scene-by-scene. In fact, if the system observes that the script is  ahead of its time and not a fit for the current audience demand, it will resurface the script when the right time comes and audiences have caught up to the writer’s vision.



“Our program assures neutral coverage on a screenplay which helps the scriptwriter to fathom both the strength and limitations of their script. It will guide them to evaluate the overall tempo of the script, the emotional content, the significance of all the characters in regards to the theme of the movie, the need to remove some locations or scenes and a lot more. And the best part is it does that in just seconds so that you can quickly have a sound evaluation about the validity of your script”, stated Tammuz Dubnov, one of the co-founders of Scriptonomics. 

Story-Scanner analytics offer insights on various aspects of a script at a glance: 

  • General key stats like number of characters, locations and scenes which helps one to have a second thought on excess characters or the need of additional locations.
  • Scene overview to help the scriptwriter realize the strength and weakness of each scene
  • Objective character analysis to help in deciding the pertinence and significance of all the included characters in relation to the theme of the movie
  • Location insights to understand justification of each location introduced
  • Scene-by-scene overview to gauge the validity of each scene



The Scriptonomics program assures a plethora of advantages for scriptwriters- 

  • Helps to develop deeper understanding of storylines, characters, scenes and locations through easy and quick visualization of the script
  • Allows producers writer’s immediate network to discover his or her script  
  • Enables comparison of alternate storylines of the same script based on financial viability
  • Helps them to create a solid pitch tool based on deep analytical coverage and data visualization of the script 

“Added to screenwriters, our program is beneficial for producers and financiers too. Thanks to the easy data visualization and breakdown offered by Story-Scanner, producers will be able to make informed decisions regarding the prospects of producing that particular script. Similarly, for financiers, our machine learning software will help them to gage the prospect or weakness of a script beforehand which will extend to a data-driven way to mitigate risks of investing in futile and risky movies.”


Scriptonomics will soon be presenting its breakthrough Story-Scanner program at Story Expo on September 8, 2018. 

“We aim to help writers write better stories, more producible screenplays, and more profitable films for the box office.”

The company has also launched a crowdfunding campaign for investors on Fundable. 

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