North latitude 36° bay mansion, standing on the east side of the world

With the acceleration of globalization, it is not difficult to find that global residential trends are presenting in the same situation – mansions that facing the bay. Throughout the world famous bay area, whether it is Tokyo Bay in Japan, Repulse Bay in Hong Kong or Rose Bay in Sydney, bay mansions have become the benchmark of urban mansions due to their superior geographical location, luxury construction quality and private enjoyment that are designed by professionals.

“Switzerland of the East” – Qingdao of the world

Known as the Switzerland of the East, Qingdao is China’s most influential coastal city. It does not only have a beautiful gold coastline; it is still the world’s brand capital. Haier, Hisense, and other top global brands were born in this beautiful coastal city.

With the success of the organizing meeting of the International Shanghai Cooperation Summit in 2018, Qingdao’s influence on the stage has reached a new level. Qingdao represents China’s first-tier coastal tourism cities, it possesses rich tourism resources, a profound cultural and economic foundation, and stands proudly in the east of the world with a global vision.

Grow together with Qingdao, build an outstanding future together

Excellence Group is the among the top 30 in China real estate and the top 5 in commercial real estate. In the past 22 years, Excellence Group has laid out its business in 35 core first-tier and second-tier cities across the country, forming a rich product portfolio with both commercial real estate and residential projects From super grade A office buildings to urban complexes, from the aesthetic benchmarking of large communities to the customization of urban mansions, Excellence Group has always defined the commercial and residential benchmark.

Inherit the genes of extraordinary mansions, the bay area decides the future

The first Top product series of Excellence Group – Shenzhen Center, THE ONE PALACE is established in the central area of Shenzhen and is dedicated to presenting the new center of the global city. Qingdao Excellence Group’s THE ONE PALACE not only inherits the genes of the city mansions of Shenzhen Center, THE ONE PALACE but also presents a new bay residence aesthetic benchmark with the essence of bay area civilization.


Real picture of Excellence – THE ONE PALACE

As the luxury mansion of the Top product series, it has gathered an excellent global essence over the past 22 years and is located on the west coast of Qingdao. It is more committed to meeting the international life experience of the noble circle and synchronizing with the world as well as to cross over and stride into the global bay area circle.

Aerial view of the Excellence’s THE ONE PALACE project
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North latitude 36°, world-class bay area

Excellence’s THE ONE PALACE stands proudly on the golden beach, west coast of Qingdao, China, the ultimate gift of the world-class bay area. Cooperated with the Top team to create the master design, with the unparalleled luxury genes surprised bay habitat form of the globalization process, and it’s more like writing a circle of spiritual aspirations.

Qingdao at north latitude 36 ° was regarded as the most suitable for human habitation as the world’s fifth largest bay area. The coastal line of Qingdao has formed a large pattern of development from east to west.

Across from THE ONE PALACE is the national AAAA scenic spot, the golden beach. Due to its fine sand, large area and the it having the most beautiful wind, it is honored as Asia’s best beach. Excellence’s THE ONE PALACE enjoys the supporting facilities of landmark urban resources in Xiaozhushan National Forest Park, Seaside Park, International Yacht Exhibition Center, Lingshan Bay Film and Television Culture Industrial Park, etc.

The west coast new area with the golden beach as the core, also serves as China’s ninth state-level administrative region, attracting heavy capital from home and abroad to enter and collect the resplendence of this city with its huge industrial scale and broad development potential.

The professionally graded mansion, customize your exclusive life

Excellence Group has invited a team of orientalism aesthetic masters to create the outstanding garden landscape and interior design of THE ONE PALACE with luxury and exquisite designs to attract upper-class people. The outer aesthetic of the project is designed by WY, an American high-end architectural design company. The outer aesthetic is made of imported fresh water sandstone from Australia, known as breathable stone, and is also cooperated with an international first-line smart home, Honeywell to create the first intelligent cloud community with 24 hour intelligent security and a 365 day constant temperature and humidity living environment.

Golden Key level concierge

Shenzhen Excellence Property Management Co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Excellence Group, was established in 1999. At present, the management area is about 11,000,000  and more than 6,000 employees. The company has been awarded the national first-class property management qualification for enterprises, China property management standing director unit, Shenzhen property management association deputy secretary-general unit, and the International Golden Key Organization property alliance vice President unit.

Excellence Property’s high-end business property services create the Concierge Service concept, starts the property comprehensive service ordering mode for high-tech enterprise projects, and strategic cooperation units of domestic leading high-tech enterprises such as Alibaba Cloud’s building, Baidu International’s building, Tencent’s building, Huawei Weixin Software Park, etc.

Excellences THE ONE PALACE

A model bay habitat from a global perspective

Look forward to meeting your match

China, Qingdao, Golden Beach

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