CIS Tax Returns Offer the UK’s Quickest and Easiest Tax Rebates

Durham, England – CIS Tax Return, an online tax rebate website, is tailored for those looking to avoid the hassle of filing taxes and filling out lengthy paperwork. CIS offers a service specifically for contractors looking to determine their CIS tax amount and how much rebate they are owed. Their service covers those in the fields of: bricklayers, plasterers, electricians, gas fitters, platers, and carpet fitters, who usually struggle with ‘cash in hand’ systems of pay and keeping tabs on all their completed jobs.  

The CIS Tax Return company is made up of a team of professionals, whose mission is to quickly and efficiently garner as much tax rebate as possible for their clients. There are quite a few staff members that are also members of the ACCA (Association of Certified Chartered Accountants) and ATT (Association of Taxation Technicians). They make sure to track every step of the CIS rebate process, in order to make the process as painless as possible for clients.

These services make it extremely easy for those not familiar with filing CIS tax returns. On their website, they offer examples of different types claimable expenses that customers might not have thought of themselves, including mobile phone costs, having the same home and office space, and purchasing materials that are used in projects.  They also offer a Tax Refund Calculator, to make clients aware of the rough range of pay back they will receive. As a plus, the company states that they are ‘usually able to reclaim more than the calculator states’ because of their high skill level and determination.

CIS guarantees a quick turnaround time without sacrificing thoroughness. Though they still have to go through the HM Revenue & Customs office, they are closely partnered with the HMRC team and are thus able to expedite the taxes of their clientele. Repayments during busy months can take from four to six weeks (Spring time) while quieter periods of the year take less than two weeks.

The CIS website also streamlines applying for an online account with the HMRC office, offering a page to input data and send directly to the HMRC team. This puts CIS Tax Return clients at the top of the list to get their tax rebates reviewed, processed, and returned.

If a question has remained unanswered after reading the CIS Tax Return website there is a ‘Contact Us’ page for specific concerns and enquiries. 

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