These Soft Gels Can Provide Consistent and Predictable Pain Management

Hemp has proven to provide incredible health benefits. Extracts from this plant promote better sleep, improve one’s quality of life by reducing aches and pains, and assist in mental clarity. One company has found a way to provide us with the benefits of hemp in the form of a gel pill. Neoteric Nutra formulated hemp extract and uses the safest ingredients available to give people all the excellent benefits of hemp. 

Cannabinoids for Pain Management 

Neoteric Nutra NextHemp nano soft gels are absorbed into the bloodstream so the body can respond to specific needs. These gels give a person consistent and predictable results without degrading in the stomach like ordinary CBD (cannabis compound used for medical purposes). The nano soft gels are completely encased in a nano-shell to capture all particles and molecules of the CBD. The nano soft gels are designed to help manage pain. The over-the-counter medicines such as naproxen, ibuprofen, or aspirins can only provide a specific level of relief to pain symptoms. Once those levels are reached, and the symptoms have not disappeared, a person can only suffer in silence. Cannabinoids allow a person to manage their pain and find relief those OTC medicines cannot match. 

Why NextHemp Technology Works 

The technology behind NextHemp soft gels is to allow the gels to get absorbed into the bloodstream where it can maximize the hemp benefits. When CBD goes to the stomach and is dissolved there, ninety-five percent of the extract doesn’t get to the body areas where it is needed. Nano soft gels technology makes this product more bioavailability. Bioavailability can be broken down into two components for its desired purposes. First blood bioavailability defines the amount of the active ingredient that will reach the bloodstream. Next, the functional bioavailability determines amounts, enhancing the effects. A product without total bioavailability will have little or limited use in handling a person’s pain levels. 

What to Expect from Neoteric Nutra Hemp Extract 

The hemp used for extraction by Neoteric Nutra comes from American Agricultural Hemp and is both gluten and lactose-free. The ingredients used in these gels are all edible and safe and will promote over-all good health. Taking the nano soft gels according to the instructions will help maintain a healthy heart, reduce or eliminate minor pains and aches associated with daily routines or strenuous exercise workouts. These gels can also help support proper joint function and foster intestinal health. 

Increase in Demand 

As laws change allowing more people to receive the benefits of CBD (the compound from cannabis used for medical purposes), demands are growing across the globe for more products. This demand causes some sources to use low or questionable quality hemp to maintain their stock. Purchasing from reliable companies such as Neoteric Nutra ensures you are receiving quality products that meet FDA (USA Food and Drug Administration), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), GAP (Good Agricultural Practices, and EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) standards. When you want to shop for cbd oil, go to for safe, quality products. 

The opinion of hemp has shifted within the public as more and more people realize the benefits it can provide to the human body. Science is now supporting how the extract from hemp promotes overall health and well-being. Healthcare professionals across the globe are also embracing this product and recommending it to more of their patients.

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