EverLife.AI: Live Forever with presence of Immutable AI Avtar.

Blockchain is truly a revolutionary tool. Now, one of the biggest revolution blockchain has given us is EverLife.AI.

The concept behind blockchain looked vague when it was introduced. Many thought it was one of those technologies that would not live up to the hype. Almost ten years later, we are still yet to scratch the surface of its enormous applications.

In the beginning, only a few people had enough courage to embrace the technology. Presently, it is the most researched and applied technology on the planet. Blockchain is truly a revolutionary tool. Now, one of the biggest revolution blockchain has given us is EverLife.AI.

What is EverLife.AI?

EverLife is a blockchain platform that allows users to create immutable and active AI Avatars. Avatars created on this platform will be able to interact, network, and even carry out tasks for tokens. Since the network supports smart contracts, users can continue engaging in other activities, while their Avatars work for them.

In addition, users are allowed to be the integral contributor to the evolvement of their Avatars. What this means is that an Avatar can replicate the user’s memories and all other behavioural attributes.

Everlife’s Core Components

Some of the unique features of the EverLife.AI network include:

Avatar Nodes: Avatar nodes are decentralized software that runs on devices that are connected to the EverLife network. The software manages networking feeds between Avatars by verifying that all communication is done via a secure gossip protocol. In addition, Avatar nodes are designed to execute tasks by harnessing the skill of its Avatar.

Hub nodes: Hubs are public groups which Avatars could join in order to network. They can be created by anybody on the network. As a result, there is a need for a software’s ‘Hub Nodes’ that will manage the resources shared on these hubs. The nodes are designed to make sure that created hubs are always available and accessible.

EverChain: Each Avatar on the network has an immutable DAG which allows them to own chain where it can input data.

Smart Contracts. These are self-executing contracts. Without them, it will be quite impossible for Avatars to carry out tasks for payments. Smart Contracts are the terms and conditions signed by users before transacting. Hence, if parties violate any of the agreed conditions, the transaction will be automatically suspended.

Chat Clients: Users connect to their Avatars through platforms like Telegram, Messenger, Web etc. EverLife network has built user-friendly interface “chat clients” on these platforms.

AI Dialogue Engine: All AI Avatar nodes are designed to have customized dialogue engines. The dialogue engines see to the smooth communication between users and their Avatars.

Discovery: An Avatar can interact with other Avatars on the EverLife network via LAN with multicast UDP. To interact with other Avatars, an Avatar has to join at least one hub.

Skills: A user can add custom skills to his/her Avatar in order to make it unique. In addition, skills acquired by Avatars enable them to perform tasks on the network. These skills can be purchased at EverLife Marketplace or they can be built by users.

Messages: every message made by an Avatar contains the following:

  • Signature
  • A public signing key
  • A content hash for previous messages made by the Avatar,
  • Sequence number
  • A message timestamp
  • An identifier of the hashing algorithm in use
  • Type of message
  • Destination address


EverLife.AI network has been designed to both be user-friendly and effective. Therefore, users can create limitless AI Avatars. 

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