China-Hifi-Audio Announces to Offer the Complete Yaqin Amplifier Range Online For Customers around The World

Since 1994, Yaqin has been recognized for its specialized power amplifiers and transformers. Customers willing to purchase Yaqin amplifiers can now buy them online only from China-Hifi-Audio.

Yaqin is a well-known brand with over two decades of solid reputation in manufacturing high quality and technologically advanced amplifiers. The professional team of China-Hifi-Audio is aware of the rich features of the Yaqin amplifiers and now has included company’s amplifiers in their stock. One can check all the relevant details of these amplifiers on the website of the online amplifier shop and can purchase them online without any difficulty. Besides offering the convenience of online shopping and timely delivery, China-Hifi-Audio also ensures the best prices when someone purchases Yaqin amplifiers from them.

The spokesperson of the online amplifier store invites all customers and music enthusiasts to check out the Yaqin amplifier range they have in their portfolio. The products developed by the Yaqin audio electronics factory are popular all across the world, and customers can now purchase the company’s tube integrated amplifiers online with an assurance of best prices and timely delivery. Yaqin has a team of engineers and technicians who strictly check each and every product on quality parameters before releasing them in the market. China-Hifi-Audio has included brand new and quality-checked Yaqin tube amplifiers in their stock. The professional staff of the online store ships all products after a strict screening to ensure the quality.

China-Hifi-Audio has different types of Yaqin amplifiers, including the YAQIN MC-100B tube integrated amplifier. The brand new amplifier is available with a one-year warranty, and it features a special two connection mode design that includes an ultra linear amplifier and a triode. The preamplifier uses the SRPP amplification circuit and also the Cathode output circuit. The single amplifier comes with two kinds of use functions, integrated amplifier mode and pure power amplifier mode. One can shift between the two modes, using a switch. The spokesperson states that the output transformer is made of audio special alloy and anaerobic enamel insulated wire to achieve a very high strength. Made using a special coiling process, the amplifier is well recognized for its improved performance by the music lovers.

China-Hifi-Audio Announces to Offer the Complete Yaqin Amplifier Range Online For Customers around The World

Another important amplifier from the Yaqin series to explore is the YAQIN MC13S. This push-pull hi-fi integrated amplifier is available in silver color and uses a special circuit for an improved amplification. The latest amplifier features the 6CA7T for strong power amplifier and a VU meter for volume related instructions. With the best kind of ultra-linear amplifier circuit, and a sufficiently low-frequency driver, it can reproduce rich sound. Its audio output transformer is made from special silicon steel and oxygen-free copper enameled wire. The amplifier is remarkable for producing sound without any background noise and interference.

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