US IPFS mining machine research and development company SINOC,INC officially merge and acquire M CHAIN ​​TECHNOLOGY RESEARCHING AND FUNDING,INC

On September 7, 2018, New York time, after the three negotiations in four months, the US IPFS mining machine research and development company SINOC,INC officially merge and acquire M CHAIN ​​TECHNOLOGY RESEARCHING AND FUNDING, INC.

The acquisition marks Sinoc, Inc has made an industry-wide resource integration in the layout of IPFS inter-satellite file system, distributed storage applications and application product development, which is an important step for the future strategic layout of distributed storage applications; also for Sinoc,Inc this acquisition provides extra resource in launching and developing more advanced blockchain products and the DAPP’s applications.

M CHAIN ​​TECHNOLOGY RESEARCHING AND FUNDING, INC is a third-party non-profit organization responsible for the overall development of the MCHAIN ​​project. The MCHAIN is a public blockchain system for the game industry. It is based on smart contract blockchain technology and the decentralized data storage and billing system created by the IPFS interplanetary file system which are safer, more efficient and more stable. It is also extremely convenient for game developers to release deployment data in the M-chain to create a digital token settlement system and platform that is common across games. In this way, the user relationship between the various levels is connected to form a new blockchain ecological community, with more than one million transactions per second, to support the high-frequency commercial application of the game industry.

US Sinoc,Inc is a professional hard disk mining machine R & D manufacturer, and its various hard disk mining machines are professionally used for IPFS and hard disk mining projects. Sinoc,Inc provides the most comprehensive and professional support for the IPFS ecosystem, including mining machines, mining pools, mines, custody, data, etc., providing multi-faceted and multi-angle services for different levels of participants to jointly build hard disk distributed storage application ecology, and has the most mature and complete industrial supply chain in the world. Users all over the world, enterprises and blockchain development teams bring more services and better experiences, creating greater value for business.

Throughout the analysis of this process of merge and acquire, M CHAIN ​​TECHNOLOGY RESEARCHING AND FUNDING, INC dedicated its own public chain development team and community users to Sinoc,Inc, and the hardware development and service resources of Sinoc,Inc made up for the shortage of Mchain project. According to the industry analysis, this is a major case of a strong combination in the field of hard disk storage applications!

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