World’s First Cryptocurrency Luxury Private Island By On-Earth Travel

On-Earth Travel Ptd Ltd is currently building Pangkor Laut Island, to become the first tourist island in the world which accepts cryptocurrency payments. Consumers are allowed to use various cryptocurrencies including BTC, USDT, FiiiCoin and more to tour around the whole island. Great variety of services in the island such as hotel booking, seafood hunting, sailing service, buying wine or even renting a yacht will be supported by cryptocurrency payment.

Pangkor Laut Island is considered as Malaysia’s Top 6-Stars private holiday island and world’s third-ranked most exclusive island resort. As one of the “Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in the World”, it is also called “The Most Romantic Island in the World”. This popular resort is well known as one-island-one-resort paradise, to meet the expectations of its name, only guests who are staying at the resort can board the island. Even famous local artist Angelica Lee and Fish Leong chose to tie the knot here, making it a popular beach wedding destination too.

If consumers were to pay for a seafood meal at RM100 in Pangkor Town, they can choose to pay with BTC worth 100 MYR or other cryptocurrencies with the same value. The restaurant may say this to the consumer at the time of making payment: “Please pay with 100MYR^BTC”.

Power (^) is the code for conversion of cryptocurrencies into the legal currency value. By using (^), public will have a better understanding in terms of the relationship between cryptocurrency and the legal currency. For instance, FiiiCoin that worths 100 yuan can be expressed as 100CNY^FiiiCoin; ETH that worths 100 US dollars can be expressed as 100USD^ETH.

The partnership between On-Earth Travel Ptd Ltd and Pangkor Laut Resort will definitely meet the demands of cryptocurrency users in the global market, and create more commercial applications. The travel agency is focused on combining the tourism ecosystem and cryptocurrency, getting the platform ready primarily for hotel booking, airfare or travel packages purchasing, and more.

FiiiLab team is ready to set off the Pangkor Island Crypto Journey

To satisfy the quest of technology realization, a blockchain based FinTech startup FiiiLab has brought to the company team a Crypto Tour in return for continuous support. The world first crypto journey will start at Pangkor Laut Resort on September 13 to September 16, 2018. From itinerary, activity schedule and facilities, FiiiLab is said to have got it all ready to give a memorable crypto experience to the team through this Crypto Tour in Pangkor.

On September 13th, FiiiLab team will arrive at the airport and buy the bus ticket with crypto payment. They will then take the bus to Jaya One shopping mall for more cryptocurrency spending experience. Once the team arrives at Jaya One, they can access to any services by using their cryptocurrencies.

Many merchants in Jaya One have signed strategic partnership with FiiiLab to launch the Cryptocurrencies Payment Service, making Jaya One the 1st crypto shopping mall in Southeast Asia. In the samme evening, everyone will be able to pay hotel booking fees of Red Hotel KL and enjoy their dinner with cryptocurrencies.

On the next day, the crypto journey to world’s third-ranked island resort will be officially started. After arriving at the dock in the morning of 14th, the team will take the boat to island with crypto payment. The team will be welcome to use various cryptocurrencies to tour the whole island using BTC, USDT, FiiiCoin and more. Great variety of services in the island such as hotel booking, seafood hunting, sailing service, buying wine or even renting a yacht will be supported by cryptocurrency payment.

The trip to Malaysia’s Pangkor Island aims to relax the team in the bear market and to experience cryptocurrencies payment in real life, thus increase the enthusiasm towards FiiiLab. Meanwhile, it not only strengthens the affection and friendship between team members, but also further enhances the team cohesiveness and enriches the corporate culture.

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