Breaking through the border, VSLuck creates “the outlet” for the cryptocurrency world

VSLuck is a global crowd buying e-commerce platform that aims to cut down the cost of purchasing crypto assets and gives users chances to win higher value assets with a minimal investment. VSLuck is creating a crypto outlet.

We live in a consumer-driven world, only those who have the deep understanding of the market and consumer behaviors can break boundaries and define the future.

“Outlets model” for the cryptocurrency world 

In recent years, the global economy has entered a new era, and the consumer market has also undergone new pattern changes. Many retail giants are extending product lines in a bid to target diverse market segments and increase sales. Outlet model has emerged in this content, and factory outlet continues to grow in popularity with consumers in recent years.

The outlet model was initially positioned as a factory outlet where manufacturers sell their high-end luxury goods directly to the public, cutting out the middle-men and trades at a lower price. The target audience is those customers who are price sensitive and value-driven. This “high-ended product + discount” approach precisely observes the psychological of consumers in pursuit of fine quality and reasonable pricing products. Budget-minded shoppers are flocking to outlet centers in search of name brands at reduced prices. There have been thousands of outlets stores around the world, and the number of users reached has exceeded one million. The business paradigm of outlets demonstrates the importance and criticality of business positioning and market segmentation.

Nevertheless, the use case of outlet model is not only applicable to brick and mortar retail industry. The outlet model has enormous growth potential in the world of cryptocurrency. We all know that the price of cryptocurrency has skyrocketed in the past few years and it has become another form of unattainable ‘luxury goods’. The threshold is high, which leads to a clear division between the investors and the general public. ‘Insiders’ are able to grasp the opportunity to earn money in the crypto hype and ‘outsiders’ find themselves struggling to buy one bitcoin. The boundaries between the different segments are gradually becoming solidified. 

VSLuck is a global crowd buying e-commerce platform that aims to cut down the cost of purchasing crypto assets and gives users chances to win higher value assets with a minimal investment. VSLuck’s unique crowd buying model is an upgrade of the outlet model in the cryptocurrency world. “The outlet model has a natural fit with the cryptocurrency industry,” says the spokesperson for VSLuck. “In some situations, the outlet model allows consumers to obtain bitcoins at lower cost, and our system has made it much easier and accessible for our customer to enter the crypto world. VSLuck’s model enables investors to buy cryptocurrency at a price that is ten times or even 20 times lower than the market price and substantial returns,” VSLuck CEO explained his original intention of creating VSLuck.

Unbelievably low price + attractive investment portfolio

The core drivers of the success of the outlet models are unbelievably low prices and an attractive portfolio of branded products. A high-quality brand usually sells a product at full price in the first year, then sell goods in outlet shops with prices reduce to half in the second year and eventually sell at a discount of 70% in the third year. This market strategy not only separated the sales of the brand into different segments, expanded business sales scope, extended the sales period and also increased brand’s awareness to different portions of customers. Therefore, the outlet model is well-positioned to grow its share of the rising value-conscious market.

As more retailers aggressively pursue this strategy, VSLuck is aiming use it’s unique crowd buying model to build an outlet for cryptocurrency world. Users can buy cryptocurrency from a wide range of assets at 1/12, 1/20 or even lower prices. An asset usually costs tens of thousands of dollars to acquire in exchange and is available at VSLuck for as little as $1. All participant will also receive free Luck tokens. Luck token holders will receive dividends and discounts on transaction fees. VSLuck is trying to carve out a new path in the cryptocurrency world so that consumers can buy cryptocurrency at a “discounted” price, and so that the wealth effect brought by the cryptocurrency can benefit more people.

Although the Bitcoin’s whitepaper has been around for nearly ten years, we are still in the early stages of the cryptocurrency revolution. With the rise of technology, the next three trends are the next generation of computing devices, artificial intelligence, and encrypted technology. Whoever is able to follow the trend and enter the game in advance, he/she will be able to seize the opportunity and earn big!

The market is screaming for consumption upgrades, and the pricing of some cryptocurrencies are abnormally high. VSLuck wants to leverage the outlet model and open the door for more investors to access to the world of cryptocurrency and the future.

Finally, the VSLuck platform (’s Beta version will be available for testing on September 20th, and early participants will receive substantial benefits, so stay tuned!

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