Designers’ collections accented by makeup choices thanks to well-known artist

September 13, 2018 – New York City, New York – The fashion runways of New York City have been busy with high-profile designers showing off their 2019 spring and summer designs. A who’s who list of fashion designers and experts have descended on the City that Never Sleeps for the weeklong event in early September.

Clothing and fashion are not the only reasons people attend Fashion Week. Makeup and the latest trends in cosmetology and hair are also must-see items during the event. One makeup artist who has received praise for her work during Fashion Week is famed designer Romana Lai. On the opening day of Fashion Week, worked with models showcasing KUR’s 2019 spring and summer collection. Her makeup choices and application accented the American brand’s clothing choices and brought new life to the clothing on the runaway in Le Skyroom.

This year, Romana Lai chose a fresh, natural look for the KUR collection release. The clear, natural, and high-quality makeup style was present throughout the show. The fresh look gave the fashion show an atmosphere of elegance. Romana bold choices could make her the first to predict the new look for 2019.

“Clear skin is the key to a great look,” Romana said after the KUR show. “Moisturizing skin and pre- and post-makeup maintenance can make the biggest difference to a woman’s look.”

KUR’s show during Fashion Week wasn’t Romana only high-profile experience this year. The New York City-based makeup artist worked on the Bosideng spring and summer series. As the clothing company’s chief makeup designer, Romana used shiny, nude makeup. Her choice expertly matched the wet hair look designed by Bosideng’s stylists. The combination of hair and makeup gave a sexualized look to the Bosideng models. Romana also worked on the Sienna Li clothing brand show during New York Fashion Week. The show took place on September 6th at the Baccarat, a private studio. The Sienna Li show was a VIP only showcase of the clothing label’s designs. 

Romana uses natural gentle skincare products when working with clients. Her preferred brand is Majorie. Romana finds the Majorie products to be natural and gentle on the face. When working with clients during Fashion Week, Romana is sure to use her favorite items and gives tips to the models she works with. According to Romana, spring and summer makeup emphasizes skin-friendly, oily nude makeup. Her designs during Fashion Week gave models a very natural look as if they were makeup-free. It is a style that is very popular with many women today, as it keeps the skin clear and void of harmful makeup that clogs pores.

“I love the natural look and how simple it appears,” Romana explained. “But it isn’t simple and getting the natural look to be just right takes a lot of work. Moisturizing the face is the first step.”

Romana’s success as a makeup designer during New York Fashion Week has been reflected in many of her other accolades. She has regularly worked on high-profile projects involving television, film, and print. A member of the American Film Association, Romana spends much of her time working on film and televisions sets as an experienced makeup artist. In addition, she has provided makeup for music videos, Victoria Secret photo shoots, and TV’s America’s Next Top Model. Despite launching Romana Makeup Inc. less than a decade ago, Romana has achieved success many makeup artists spend their lives trying to find.

The renowned artist has taken her work and ideas back to Asia. In 2016, Romana authored “New York Style Makeup”. Published in Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and other Asian countries, it shared many of Romana’s tips and secrets for obtaining beautiful skin. It also shared makeup ideas and trends Romana learned while working and studying in North America and Europe.

Since relocating to New York City in 2009, Romana has lived by one motto. She believes “one must keep up with the latest trends and set new trends if you want to grow in the business”. Through her work with New York Fashion Week this year, Romana has once again shown she is able to take on new trends and begin her own. Working alongside top fashion designers from around the world, Romana has exhibited just why she is one of the best in the makeup industry.

About Romana Lai

Romana Lai is a renowned makeup artist based in New York City, Romana relocated to New York City in 2009 to grow her career in the industry. She is the owner of Romana Makeup Inc. and has worked on multiple film, television, magazine, and advertising projects. She is well-known for her creative makeup choices and works. In addition, Romana is a chief designated makeup designer for New York Fashion Week and works with top designers to bring their clothing collections to life. 

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