YeeCall Captures Massive Attention with Its Cross-border Remittance Feature at AFBS2018

China – 14 September, 2018 – On September 8, 2018, YeeCall was invited to participate in the Asia Fintech and Blockchain Summit 2018 which is held in Manila, Philippines. At the Summit, YeeCall COO Ruan Long delivered a speech entitled “YeeCall, the Super Entrance of Blockchain” and shared the latest developments of the YeeCall project, where the application of blockchain technology in cross-border remittance scenario has received widespread attention from local users.

According to Mr. Ruan’s sharing, YeeCall strives to be “the Super Entrance of Blockchain” and build a one-stop digital asset service platform through supergroup and digital wallet features. YeeCall has about 40 million users, covering Southeast Asia, Europe, America, India, the Middle East, and other countries and regions. At present, the IM-based super group feature is able to support 50,000 group members, and it also supports HD calls and rich media transmissions such as text, pictures, videos, and files. The digital wallet is a newbie-friendly multi-cryptocurrency wallet with over 500,000 users and more than 100,000 cryptocurrency holders.

YeeCall COO Mr. Ruan also disclosed the team’s recent plans. Regarding digital wallet, in addition to BTC, ETH and BCH, YeeCall will support all of the ERC20 tokens and will provide asset appreciation services such as cryptocurrency fund products and financial derivatives through cooperation with third parties. Furthermore, YeeCall will provide dynamic data of cryptocurrency trading, allowing users to observe the market and make trading decisions. The supergroup feature will integrate the multi-cryptocurrency value flow scenarios such as lucky packets, transfers, and rewards. Users can conveniently send assigned lucky packets, random lucky packets, invitation lucky packets, and quiz lucky packets to quickly establish social relationships, and facilitate value flow through transfers, contract transfers, message rewards, and article rewards.

Cross-border remittance is a prominent application scenario for YeeCall in the blockchain field. It not only fits the product form of “IM+wallet”, but more importantly, it meets the actual needs of YeeCall’s immigrant user group. YeeCall will develop a cross-border remittance feature and YEE token will become the token that brings low-cost and fast remittance into reality for the immigrant users and their families. YEE also plays an incentive to encourage both parties to better complete the transaction. The feature is scheduled to be available at the end of 2018.

The cross-border remittance feature has attracted the attention of the Philippine participants. The income from overseas work is an important pillar of the Philippine economy. However, high cross-border remittance fees and long procedures have caused great problems. The Philippine participants hope that YeeCall will launch the blockchain-based cross-border remittance service as soon as possible so that they can enjoy the benefits brought by the blockchain technology.

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