CRI Genetics Ranked America’s Top DNA Testing Company by Genetics Digest

CRI Genetics has recently been chosen by Genetics Digest as the number one DNA testing company in the United States based on their extensive review. The Genetics Research & Development division of Cellular Research Institute, CRI Genetics has now received this honor for the second consecutive year.

September 15, 2018 – CRI Genetics is pleased to announce that the company has received the top ranking amongst all companies conducting DNA tests in America, based on a detailed review carried out by Genetics Digest. Interestingly, CRI Genetics was also the recipient of this honor previously for the year 2017. 

CRI Genetics is the Genetics Research & Development division of Cellular Research Institute, headed by the renowned geneticist, Alexei Fedorov. Under his leadership as the Chief Scientific Officer, the company has developed a highly sophisticated software to analyze DNA samples. The review by Genetics Digest revealed that the ancestry reports generated by are way ahead of others in terms of both accuracy and detail. Genetics Digest also mentioned that their selection of CRI Genetics was influenced significantly by the company’s friendly customer service, U.S. based lab with quality security measures, and its unique “Efficiency Guarantee” return policy. 

Followed by the extensive DNA test by CRI Genetics, all their clients receive their “Certificate of Ancestry by DNA” within 4 to 8 weeks from sending the mouth swab. The ancestral makeup is determined by scanning as many as 648,000 ancestry informative markers in the autosomes. CRI genetics ensures security for customers by storing all and any customer information distinctly separate from personal information  and utilizes and advanced barcoding system for DNA samples and results received, without any personal information.  

The DNA Fat Switch program from CRI Genetics is a highly personalized diet plan that utilizes the body’s DNA to determine the most beneficial approach to fat loss. Almost all users of this program have reported a higher energy level, happier and smarter feeling, and effortless loss of fat within a very short time. In addition to basic diet advice, the program also provides several quick, easy, and affordable recipes as well as numerous useful health reports. The high service standard maintained by the company is reflected in the CRI Genetics reviews posted by delighted customers. 

Genetics Digest is a team of writers and scientists dedicated to providing credible, accurate information about the latest advancements in DNA analysis and genome technology.  They deliver news alerts for scientists and DNA enthusiasts and unbiased product reviews for consumers looking to purchase anything related to the field of genetics. 

Summing up their review of CRI Genetics, Genetics Digest mentioned, “Once we discovered that Mr. Fedorov had partnered up with the renowned Cellular Research Institute for a big new project, we here at Genetics Digest were really excited to see what he was working on. CRI Genetics does not disappoint.” 

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About CRI Genetics:

CRI Genetics is the Genetics Research & Development division of Cellular Research Institute. Led by genetic research veteran Alexei Fedorov, they are dedicated to empowering people with knowledge about themselves. With three different DNA testing kits, the company helps individuals gain access to the latest advances in DNA analysis.

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