Linked to the Third Life, in Love with the Third Life

• Global Third Life Ecological Chain (TLEC) sets sail
So far, family has been the first living space of people, while the workplace the second living space. However, with the growing work pressure and the fast-paced family lifestyle in the modern society, the general public has shown increasingly urgent demand and ever-high expectations for social intercourse, travel, games and other leisure and entertainment activities outside of family and work. These activities have become many people’s “third life” outside of family and work. 2018 marks the first year of the rise of block chain. On one hand, block chain, as a fair, just, and honest mechanism, has been used by all walks of life and in all aspects of family life. On the other hand, this mechanism is rather needed to safeguard the leisure and entertainment spaces in our third life so that everyone of us can safely and freely enjoy the pleasure which the spaces can offer.
In Love with the Third Life
The third life covers social intercourse, travel, games and all other components outside the first and second living spaces. With the rapid development of the Internet era, people have demonstrated growing demand for the quality of the third life outside work and family, which can be best proved by the increase in time spent by people in the third life over the recent years.
However, simple and crude social intercourse, travel and games have been unable to meet people’s needs for the third life. Travel and games in combination with social intercourse have gradually evolved into a better communication model, instead of a single way of entertainment and relaxation. With the increasing needs for the third life, the market share of the third life is increasing by a staggering margin. The output value of social intercourse, travel and games has been estimated at more than trillions dollars per year.
Linked to the Third Life
Starting with entertainment and having long been dedicated to the leisure industry, THQ has come along from the initial toys and video games, to the then animation and PC games and to the present mobile games and client games. It can be said that leisure and entertainment have become the gene deeply rooted in the soul of THQ. THQ has gained a large number of users and loyal fans in North America, Asia-Pacific or even all over world by launching a good number of large-scale magnificent games which are named after animations and movies and have gained high social popularity and word-of-mouth influence, including De Blob, Destroy All Humans!, 6106, MX vs. ATV, Red Faction, and Saints Row.
Following the buyout by Fortune OX in 2010, THQ became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fortune OX in North America. In recent years, Fortune OX has established the Third Life Ecological Chain (TLEC) and THQ has started the overall operation and promotion of the TLEC project throughout the world, marking its formal engagement in the three global industries, namely, social intercourse, game and tourism. It is expected to complete the planning, construction, monitoring, deployment, integration and promotion of the third life ecosystem any time soon.
The brand-new social ecosphere community will bring a new mode of operation for the global third life projects from development, operation to release and other business activities in respect of a project. With the creative use of the block chain social community, users not only can become developers, participants and supervisors of the third life projects, but also can get acquainted with users with common interests through social, travel and game projects. Those with common interests can discuss and analyze the projects on the platform and in the community, and share the achievements and benefits promoted and supported by the platform and projects.
The customer magnitude determines the commercial value of the social online travel platform and online game platform. “Platform value = customer quantity x customer value”. The so-called customer operation is a process of enhancing the quantity and value of users by various means to ultimately maximize the product value. The “customer quantity” depends on the life cycle of the product, while the “customer value” on the life cycle of the customer.
The Third Life Ecological Chain induces the chain reaction: interconnection, sharing and spontaneity
By grasping the opportunities brought by the three major trends, namely, mobile Internet, sharing economy and We-Media, and by using an incentive mode of promotion in combination with We-Media and sharing economy, the TLEC project has kept the number of users growing at a geometric rate, and thanks to the user adhesiveness of online games and social networking, the project is able to constantly absorb new users. It is these three economic trends that have brought the TLEC project on an express bus leading to the success, and the value to be created is incalculable.
The Third Life Ecological Chain will create value explosion
TLEC is operated focusing on three key fields, namely, travel, social intercourse and games, which can be regarded as a new trend of economic development. With the rapid development of the Internet era, people are raising higher demand for the quality of the third life outside of work and family. It can be said that the third life which consists of travel, social intercourse and games has already occupied most of our time. As the market share of the third life continues to grow by an staggering margin, and the output value of social intercourse, travel and games has been estimated at more than trillions dollars per year. In addition, the net saving value of the assets deposited in and circulated from the accounts of many users have far exceeded the trillions dollar level. It can be seen that this is an untapped blue ocean market, the value it can create is explosive, and its market space is too huge to be predicted!
What is harder to predict is whether people create value explosion after being linked to the third life or fall in love with the third life because of the value explosion.

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