Allwood Recyclers Inc. Offers The Best River Rocks In Troutdale For All Decorative Needs

Fairview, OR Disposing of environmental waste can be a daunting and overwhelming process and therefore there is the need to hire the services of a company which boasts of the needed expertise, tools, equipment, highly skilled, and trained staff like Allwood Recyclers Inc. to handle all recycling needs. However, to ensure that commercial and residential properties remain beautiful, the company additionally offers decorative rocks for landscaping to improve appearance, appeal, and aesthetics.

Allwood Recyclers Inc., known for supplying the best river rocks for commercial and residential decorative needs in and around Oregon is aimed at helping businesses and homes get rid of their wastes while ensuring that they get the best products to add beauty and value to their property.

When describing the company and its services the spokesperson for Allwood Recyclers Inc., said: “Allwood Recyclers Inc. is an environmentally friendly wood recycling company that has been providing affordable prices for residential and commercial use since 1995. We pride ourselves on being green and reusing wood waste and recycling it into rich certified compost or Biomass fuel for renewable energy production. Allwood Recyclers “Amazon Yard” has a variety of different types of bark, compost, topsoil, mixed soil blends and decorative rocks for landscaping. When you clean up your yard, you can bring your leaves, branches, and other yard debris to us – and load up compost, bark, rock and the trees you need to complete your project all at one place. If you need a larger supply of material, our friendly staff will be happy to deliver what you need. Please check out the supplies on our website and see what product will work best for your project and use the area calculator to figure how much you need. We have what you need to bring life back to your landscaping.”

Aiming to help homes and businesses achieve the dream appearance for their landscaping needs, the team at Allwood Recyclers Inc accept a wide variety of waste materials to include grass, trees, limbs, brush, leaves, wood decks, stumps, wood chips, dirt, sod, concrete, pallet, plywood, fence boards, branches, cedar shingles, hay, bark dust, sawdust, pine needles, moss and thatch, garden clippings, rocks, and asphalt. However, clients seeking to recycle wastes are to note that the company does not accept materials including painted wood, garage doors, doors, glass, paper, plastic, steel or metal, Formica, cardboard, Handi-Plank, Garbage, Asphalt shingles, Laminate, Pressure treated wood, Roofing, Food waste, flocked Christmas trees, artificial trees, sheetrock, insulation, creosote wood and more.

Providing the best river rock in Troutdale for commercial and residential landscaping needs, Allwood Recyclers Inc. can be reached via its office located at 23001 NE Marine Dr Fairview, OR 97024 or via its phone line on (503) 667-5497.

Online inquiries and service bookings can be made via email at or visit the company’s website at

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