Resurgence Behavioral Health Helps Clients Take Back Control of Their Lives Through Key Dual Diagnosis Treatments

Costa Mesa, CA Addiction is a mental illness which affects persons of all ages, gender, and races. Dealing with addiction can be an overwhelming task and can affect several aspects of the addict’s life including family, relationship, finances, job and more. To ensure that friends and family members get the best help to help them transition from the addiction into a sober life, Resurgence Behavioral Health was established. The Resurgence Behavioral Health boasts of a team of well-trained addiction treatment experts who are committed to helping clients journey through their addiction into recovery and a sober lifestyle.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, the team of professional addiction treatment personnel provides each client with the best possible treatment care aimed at helping them surmount the pressure and urge to consume abused substances. Each client at Resurgence Behavioral Health is given the utmost attention and a personalized treatment program to ensure that they get the best addiction treatment possible.

The spokesperson for Resurgence Behavioral Health, while describing the facility said: “Resurgence is an addiction treatment center located in Southern California. We treat not only drug and alcohol addiction, but also sexual addiction. We are a dual-diagnosis treatment facility, which means we can work with those that are also struggling with Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD. We offer the full continuum of care: Medical Detox, Residential Inpatient, Intensive Outpatient, and Sober living.”

Operating with the understanding that a person suffering from substance abuse issues may also be suffering from undiagnosed mental illness, Resurgence California treats addiction alongside other conditions that may be codependent on client’s addiction. Offering the best dual diagnosis treatment in Costa Mesa and surrounding areas, Resurgence Behavioral Health follows a compassionate exploration treatment method which helps to identify and follow the treatment pathway that is right for individual patients.

To ensure that clients get the best treatment for their drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction, trauma, and dual-diagnosis treatment, Resurgence Behavioral Health offers several levels of care to patients to include inpatient or outpatient care, detox level of care, inpatient treatment care and outpatient treatment. The team at Resurgence Behavioral Health approach all recovery treatments as a process which requires a variety of interventions including the combination of individual and group therapy to help address the issues underlying the addiction.

Offering clients a nurturing environment which incorporates excellent group therapy and one-on-one therapy with compassionate, experienced, and professional addiction treatment clinicians, Resurgence Behavioral Health has cemented itself as the best addiction treatment facility in the entire Costa Mesa area.

Resurgence Behavioral Health can be reached for all addiction treatment needs via its office located at 3151 Airway Ave suite k-203, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 or via its phone line on (888) 700-5053.

Online inquiries and consultations can be directed at Steve Fennelly via email at or visit the company’s website at

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