Ziyan Foods Voices on Lou Mei on Ziyan Foods Braised Season on September 17

Ziyan Foods has devoted more than 30 years in producing cooked and lou mei foods. In retrospect of the past 30 years, it is really sentimental. In the past, we have been focusing on producing a better cuisine for the table of the Chinese household and enabling everyone to bring Ziyan foods back home for a delicious meal. Now, Ziyan has 9 production factories, with the tenth production base under construction in Ningguo, Anhui Province.

We have 2,700 stores nationwide, more than 100 sales agencies settled down in 18 provinces, metropolitan and autonomous regions, covering the majority part of East China, providing cooked food for hundreds of millions of consumers. We are always afraid that we have not done good enough, therefore we have been striving to keep our strength, ensuring food security during the past decades. That’s why we have been able to survive with proud even during the most chilly period of the food industry. We will continue to stride in the future.


On September 16, 2018, our company holds our first ever press conference, which is crucial for our brand. We hope to promote Chinese cuisine culture in our own way. In order to better serve consumers, we decide to register the day September 17, as Ziyan Foods Braised Season, as the day reads in Chinese in the same pronunciation as “we just gonna eat”. It will help us promote our lou mei craftsmanship to the whole world, which lasts for more than 4,000 years during our 5,000-year-long civilization. China boasts rich and long history of cuisine culture, and this also provides a perfect opportunity for us to rebuild our brand. The world’s oldest language, China’s oracle bone script, includes the original version of the character “lou”. Jia Sixie’s book entitled Qimin Yaoshu, which is widely acknowledged as the world’s oldest and most comprehensive ancient book, clearly record the craftsmanship of pickling foods with sauce in order to preserve them for a longer period. As an enterprise, we shoulder the mission to carry on the ancient craftsmanship. Now the lou mei still finds no seat among China’s list of the intangible cultural heritage. All the authoritative Chinese dictionaries have not provided a definite explanation of lou mei.

During the process of research on our own brand, we had a lot of thoughts. There are hundreds of ways to produce lou mei and thousands of lou mei foods. There are different procedures, different kinds of local styles, which show the enthusiasm of people from all regions on lou mei foods. Even in the poems of Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty, many renowned poets and authors prefer wines to go with lou mei foods. There are countless stories of lou mei in our history.

Ziyan origins from Sichuan, and has been the foremost representative of Sichuan-styled lou mei. During the past 30 years, we seldom promote ourselves, and we even didn’t know the way of market promotion. We haven’t thought over the future of our brand. We have accompanied our customers for over 30 years, that is already a huge feedback for us for our perseverance in the sector.

“Whenever there is lou mei, it’s time for you to go back home for dinner!”

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