China-hifi-Audio Announces Stock Update With New Products From Xiangsheng & Other audiophile Companies

Once again, China-hifi-Audio reiterates its commitment to offer latest and feature-rich products to its customers and includes preamplifiers and amplifiers from Xiangsheng and also Hi-Fi audio cable from Choseal.

Music lovers can always find new products in the stock of China-hifi-Audio that can enhance their music listening experience. The company’s professionals work hard to find out innovative products for their customers. The online amplifier shop has a wide range of products and recently they have included several kinds of amplifiers from Xiangsheng, which is a popular brand. Besides, they also have the audio cable from Choseal that customers can purchase at a cost-effective price.

According to the spokesperson of the online amplifier shop, customers can now purchase the Xiangsheng 728a circuit preamplifier, which is the upgraded version of the 2015 edition and comes with several upgraded features. With an improved appearance, it has now a more beautiful and reasonable layout. The front panel adopts the aluminum alloy plating and a blue power indicator tube. Its elegance is even more beautified with the advanced sand blasting paint, and metal knobs also add to its adorable appearance. Besides the looks, the preamplifier has also been dignified with more new features, such as the avoidance of the noise by improving the signal output. The gold-plated RCA louts seats are included in the input interface to reduce the contact resistance.

China-hifi-Audio Announces Stock Update With New Products From Xiangsheng & Other audiophile Companies

Another remarkable hifi audio product from the company added in their stock is the Xiangsheng DAC 05B USB DAC, available in three different versions with different voltage compatibility. One can choose the DAC fitted with either R-core transformer or Toroidal transformer. Fitted with a bigger and more powerful transformer, the DAC delivers a nice sound. With the AKM’s cheap, it can directly decode the DSD chip. Its AK4495 7V voltage supply is far superior to 5V power supply on the dynamic sound field. It has a large single-chip dynamic mode to offer the real solution to DSD to switch noise. The 05B USB DAC supports the Apple Mac system and can be compatible to operate with Apple iPhone.

One more new product included in the stock is the Choseal RCA Audiophile audio cable, which is available at a reduced price with free shipping. The 100% brand new RCA cable can be supplied in a variety of lengths as per the demand of the customer. The cable can be used for connecting the CD player with the amplifier to achieve the pure and clean signal output. With a quality shielding structure, the cable is meant for the long-lasting use. The cable can minimize the interference and help in enjoying quality and transparent sound. The audio cable has several kinds of superior features that make it essential for getting sound with quality and good texture.

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