Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Featured Oral Care and Probiotics with ProBiora Health

Los Angeles, CA – September 19, 2018 — Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with ProBiora Health CEO Christine Koski to discuss their oral care probiotic products.

Founded in 2016, the company brings the science of probiotics to oral care. The key ingredient in ProBiora Health products is Probiora3® which contains a patented blend of three probiotic bacteria strains that increase overall oral health.  These oral care probiotics are live bacteria identical to the beneficial microorganisms found naturally in your mouth. The addition of probiotics to any oral care regimen improves the natural balance of beneficial bacteria in your mouth, which can be depleted by diet, stress, medication, illness or other factors.

“Just like in your digestive tract, there is good bacteria and bad bacteria in your mouth”, says Koski. “ProBiora3 contains only the good bacteria. They essentially get in your mouth and crowd out the bad guys. At a recent dental professional roundtable, the dentists and hygienists expressed excitement regarding the results they are seeing with their patients using ProBioraPro.”

The company currently holds another patent for natural teeth whitening as a result of one of the beneficial bacteria in PROBIORA3® secreting hydrogen peroxide, whitening your teeth, naturally.

ProBiora Health currently offers several oral care probiotic options: ProBiora™Pro, a professional strength, 90 day course of oral care probiotic mints, which is only available through dental and medical professionals. Their consumer products include ProBiora™Plus, a 30 day quantity of normal strength mints; and ProBiora™Xtra, a stronger tasting mint, packaged in blister packs which is great for those who travel, and ProBiora™Pet for your pets’ oral health.

ProBiora Health offers ProBiora™Pet,  ProBiora™Plus, and ProBiora™Xtra on their website,, and on

 “Good oral care is very important,” says J.L. Haber, Vice President of Programming. “Being able to maintain your oral health helps keep oral disease at bay and can affect your overall health.  It makes sense that a healthy body starts with a healthy mouth.”

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