Skin Research Institute Releases The Salon Sleek Pro Flat Iron

Salon Sleek Pro is a new high-powered ceramic flat iron from the Skin Research Institute designed to give you stunning sleek styles fast and with zero heat damage. This gentle hair straightener will help you achieve glossy salon-quality hair every day with lasting shine and full-bodied health.

The second flat iron model in the Skin Research Institute’s hair straightener series is now available and there’s nothing knots, tangles, or thick hair can do about it. The Salon Sleek Pro is brought to you by the same company whose breakthrough science has created an entire institution on the forefront of anti-aging technology and age revitalization. But unfortunately, skin’s not the only part on a woman’s body that ages.

We may not realize it, but hair has an expiration date too. An expiration date we flirt with the more we tease, dye, and burn it with inferior hair care appliances.

Introducing the Salon Sleek Pro. A stylist’s dream that allows anyone to showcase the sleek, luxurious look of your long locks without compromising your hair’s health.

It all starts with the straightener’s new and improved temperature modifications. Stylish 1.25” ceramic tourmaline hot plates, safely positioned between Salon Sleek Pro’s ergonomic look-and-feel handle, allow for a concentrated heat source in a hurry. Not only does a more concentrated heat source mean a fraction of the time in the mirror, but it also means a straightener that swims through the thickest of manes with ease.

Most accidents associated with average straighteners and curling irons on the market come as a result of users being unaware, or simply NOT recognizing the extreme temperatures of their hair-styling tools. Unsightly burns across the forehead, cheek, and neck areas can lead to temporary blemishes and permanent scars.

Luckily, the Skin Research Institute has your back… and your bangs! Their patented Salon Sleek Pro comes equipped with an indi-glow digital temperature display to keep you in the temperature know at all times. It also has memory intelligence embedded within the unit that allows you to shape and style with a sense of confidence knowing the temp you choose to heat your hair will stay consistent no matter your hair type.

The moderate price tag and 60-day Money Back Guarantee (as well as 10 year parts warranty!) means it’s now more affordable (and smart) than ever before to maintain salon-quality hair at home. And forget any kind of anxiety throughout the day wondering if you accidentally left the straightener on at home while you’re at work – the Salon Sleek Pro’s 60-minute automatic shut-off feature allows you to focus on more important things… like living your best life every day!  

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