TrustActivity Conversion Optimization Tool is a Success

Saint Petersburg, Russia – Beta testers for the recently launched conversion tool by TrustActivity have reported that it’s a success. With the product now available to the public, the first customers have provided their feedback as well. So far, business owners have been happy with the product and have seen a drastic improvement in their conversions.

For marketing teams, beta testing is an essential phase in the developmental process of products like TrustActivity’s conversion optimization tool. While testing serves multiple purposes, they all lead to one thing: a better customer experience. Users are smart. They know when a company has delivered good service. They know what their other options are. Beta testers are the building blocks in creating online trust between companies like TrustActivity and the brands they serve.  

Through the testing phases of the conversion optimization tool, TrustActivity was able to determine the overall quality of their product. This quality was confirmed again by those users who bought subscriptions when it first became available to the public. 

TrustActivity’s conversion optimization tool works in three parts. During the installation phase, users copy and paste a marketing pixel into their website. Then, they use the company’s intuitive dashboard to create a new campaign. From the dashboard, they can make simple adjustments with no technical experience needed. Finally, users see an uptick in visitors turning into customers within only a few days. 

Their service has a lot going for it. This contributes to building that online trust that’s needed for any company to succeed. The features of the product, such as the variety of widget designs and the customizable notification settings, show that they’re dedicated to the convenience of use for their clients. Their 24-hour technical support and 7-day free trial show their commitment to giving users a tool that works. 

TrustActivity offers four plans for their conversion tool: Micro, Small, Medium, and VIP. These options make the product appealing to businesses of all sizes. Each plan offers a free cancellation option, all settings, and 24-hour support. They also promise up to a 200% increase in conversion rate depending on the website using their product.

Optimizing conversion rates is one of the toughest obstacles that online businesses have to navigate past. A number of factors affect conversions. This is why such an innovative product like the one TrustActivity has produced is so valuable. Their tool has now proven to be a reliable starting point for the relationship that all business seek to achieve with their customers: online trust.

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