The Most High-profile Blockchain Project in 2018 – ADE Chain Will Debut at the International Digital Economic Expo

The Most Noticeable Blockchain Project in 2018 – the ADE Chain Has Attracted the Attention of Many Media including CCTV

The 2018 International Digital Economy Expo will be held at the Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 20th to 22nd. The summit is hosted by the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, China International Electronic Commerce Center, and People’s Government of Shijiazhuang City, and is co-sponsored by the Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province, Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce and Hebei Administration of Press and Publication, Radio, Film and Television. It is the first digital economic blockchain conference with national strategic significance held by a government department in China.

In order to implement the national strategy of the digital economy, promote the combination of the digital economy and the traditional economy, and promote the development of the new real economy, the summit will invite more than 500 government leaders, focusing on the digital economy, development status and future trends, with the theme of “Digital Economy Leading the Future”, the summit invited more than 500 government leaders, renowned experts and scholars in the field of digital economy and founders of well-known enterprises in the field of digital economy to discuss the general situation, development status and future trends of digital economy.


(The Largest Exhibition hall in North China, Product Equipment Exhibition Area of 8000m2 Blockchain) 

As the most noticeable blockchain project in 2018, the ADE chain has attracted the attention of many media including CCTV. It is also the title project of the main venue of the Digital Expo Blockchain. ADE chain has the mature application of new products, new technologies and new services of global digital economy. At the summit, ADE chain will hold a three-day project exhibition at the E2-048 pavilion and will debut with other Internet blockchain development giants such as Tencent and China telecom in the roundtable forum with the blockchain theme to discuss the future application of blockchain in the digital economy and the driving roles of ADE chain in the development of the new real economy.

After the Wuzhen World Blockchain Conference, ADE Once Again Debut in the Annual International Blockchain Feast

In recent years, cross-border social e-commerce has been developing rapidly. It is estimated that the transaction volume of cross-border social e-commerce will exceed two trillion yuan in 2020. In order to further improve the social e-commerce system, Anny Kim and her team jointly developed the ADE chain project and put it into operation in 2018. ADE chain integrates global multi-currency cross-border payment, global logistics, global social chain and multi-dimensional advertising alliance, and solves the long-standing trust problem of social e-commerce by using blockchain technology. It guarantees the quality of authentic goods through commodity tracing, and provides brand endorsement for cross-border social e-commerce.

As the world’s first cross-border social e-commerce chain, ADE chain was invited to attend the Wuzhen World Blockchain Conference in June 2018, and attracted a lot of attentions at the venue through the interpretation of the application of blockchain in the field of social e-commerce and the prediction of the future development trends of blockchain. Anny Kim, the founder of ADE chain, discussed the future application development direction of blockchain in the real economy with industry professionals such as with Babbitt, BitContinent and Biyuan Chain. During the three-day exhibition, ADE chain won more than 100 special reports of Network media and TV media. 

The ADE chain was invited to participate in the 2018 International Digital Economy Expo. As a key member of the Blockchain Roundtable Forum and an important exhibitor of the Digital Expo, it has attracted the attention of numerous media, including CCTV, before the start of the conference. Cross-border social e-commerce chain has once again become the focus of the industry. ADE chain is about to release new technologies, applications and trends of blockchain at the exhibition, which has become a hot topic expected by many people. 


During the three days of the Expo, Ms. Anne Kim, as the founder of the ADE chain, will participate in many main events. In the process of CCTV interview on the afternoon of Sept. 20, ADE chain will appear in front of nearly 200 million audiences in China. At that time, everyone will know the story of ADE chain from start to mature. On the morning of Sept. 21, Anny Kim, the founder of the world’s first cross-border social e-commerce chain, will discuss the relationship between block chains and ADE chains in the new real economy with well-known blockchain industry celebrities, such as the general manager of Tencent blockchain and the experts on blockchain of the China Electronics Association. On the morning of Sept. 22, ADE Chain will give a keynote speech in the focused Blockchain area in response to the attention of many blockchain experts and the media. It is expected that more than 200 blockchain experts will attend the speech.

With the rapid development of the Internet, the digital economy is leading the future. The ADE chain is expected to meet the elite of the global blockchain at the Shijiazhuang Digital Expo in 2018!

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