The Best Pest Control Service Provider In Las Vegas, Ranger Pest Control Gets Its 1000th Subscriber

Las Vegas, NV Pests pose a major threat to the livability, comfort, and health of inhabitants of a property, whether residential or commercial, they should be exterminated at once. When battling with pest infestation, there is the need to hire the services of an experienced and professional pest control service provider to ensure that the problem is properly dealt with. Offering the best pest control services in the entire Las Vegas area, Ranger Pest Control, a top pest control service provider has witnessed its 1000th subscriber endorsing its top quality services.

At Ranger Pest Control, the team of pest control exterminators understand the inconveniences and health risks posed by pests and as such offer a fast and reliable pest control service which is not only aimed at getting rid of the pests but also dealing with other underlying issues which may cause recurrence of infestation. The company has in its employ a team of well trained, highly skilled, friendly and committed staff who are ready to take on any pest control job, whether big or small.

While describing the company and the services the spokesperson for the Las Vegas Ranger Pest Control said: “We are more than your regular pest control service, Ranger Pest Control is a company that you and your family can trust. We are a family-owned company that truly values integrity and in providing service that exceeds our client’s expectations. We know the dangers that pests can pose and also understand the responsibility that comes with services in an industry that is littered with harmful old methods and chemicals. Modern, humane, and effective is what we are about. We guarantee you’ll be happy with our services.”

Having been in the business of delivering top quality pest extermination services to homes and commercial properties in Las Vegas since 2015, Ranger Pest Control has become a household name for quality pest control in Las Vegas. The company boasts of the right equipment, expertise and extermination method which are specifically designed for each pest to ensure maximum efficiency.

Boasting of their hundreds of clients who have been served with top quality pest control services, Ranger Pest Control hit another milestone as it records its 1,000th subscriber all attesting to the quality of its services, courteousness of its team and effectiveness of its pest control methods. To ensure that all clients get the best services, Ranger Pest Control specializes in General pest control services, commercial pest control, eco-friendly pest control, and control services, bed bug extermination, German cockroaches control, pigeon control, rodent control services and lots more.

Taking into consideration that some communities have rules and regulations guiding them, Ranger Pest Control is also capable of conducting HOA pest control services and can be reached at its office located at 7495 W Azure Dr Ste. #110 Las Vegas, NV 89130 or via its service line on 702-222-2847.

Online inquiries can be directed at Vance Hardinger via email at or visit the company’s website at

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