Never Ordinary Culture Blockchain Developers Conference, Symbolizing A New Milestone for Culture Industry

On September 18th, the “2018 Chain Culture Developers Conference” hosted by the Never Ordinary Eco-Application Chain was officially held in Singapore. The conference brought together many blockchain industry elites and cultural industry leaders to discuss the development proposition of the cultural industry in the blockchain era. Blockchain investment institutions from different regions of the world and many media organizations participated in this conference.

During the meeting, Stephen Kimberly, CEO of Never Ordinary, summarized the development status and direction of the blockchain core technology in the cultural industry. Stephen Kimberly said: Blockchain technology will reorganize the fragmented information in a distributed ledger. The centralized trust mechanism fundamentally eliminates the phenomenon of counterfeiting and fraud and fraud in the cultural market. It is a rare opportunity to build a new cultural ecology. The blockchain will soon revolutionize the traditional cultural industry’s communication mode and business model, leading traditional culture to a new era of blockchain economy, the combination of blockchain and cultural industry is an inevitable trend.

According to the UNESCO, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) and Ernst & Young (EY), the latest report on the cultural industry shows that the global cultural industry has created an output value of 2.25 trillion US dollars, exceeding the global output value of the telecommunications industry (1.57 trillion dollars) and surpassing India’s gross domestic product ($1.9 trillion). The number of employees is 29.5 million, accounting for 1% of the world’s total population. The cultural industry market is huge, and through the new combination of blockchain technology and cultural industry economy, it is expected to activate the prosperity of the global cultural and art industry economy.

Stephen Kimberly deeply analyzes the status quo and development opportunities of the global cultural industry, and announces the important layout and detailed development blueprint of Never Ordinary in the application of blockchain.

The emergence of the comprehensive ecological application chain of the Never Ordinary cultural industry provides a variety of different types of high-quality cultural goods services for the exploration of the combination of cultural digital copyright assets and the general economic assets, and creates a cultural chain alliance and ink based on blockchain. The e-commerce platform solves the problems of traceability, authenticity, confirmation and development, integration and circulation of cultural digital copyright assets, and gives cultural art copyright in the application of big data and cultural digital copyright blockchain technology. The financial property, cultural art copyright industry covers: cultural tourism, fragrant culture, tea culture, jewelry and jade, calligraphy and painting, ceramics, purple sand art, wine culture, non-genetic, herbal culture, etc. Never Ordinary firmly believes that the future digital culture industry will be with the national Economic and social development, the integration of various industries. The CEO of Never Ordinary said that the emergence of the comprehensive ecological application chain of the Never Ordinary cultural industry is a milestone for the development of the cultural industry and will open a new chapter in the integration of blockchain and cultural industries.

At the end of the conference, CEO Stephen Kimberly sincerely hopes to work together with people of insight in the industry to actively grasp the development trend and rules of the blockchain, create a good “blockchain + cultural industry” development environment, and jointly promote the world. The explosive growth of the cultural industry economy. Never Ordinary will open a new era of blockchain culture industry economy.

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