Monspace taps into the market’s huge appetite for natural health products by developing a skincare and household item

Monspace Wellness Brand “Agarwood” Awarded 3 Food and Product Safety Certification As consumers across the world become more and more health conscious, they are starting to pay more attention to their nutrition, exercise, and other ways to maintain well-being. Health products sourced from natural sources are especially popular.

Monspace taps into the market’s huge appetite for natural health products by developing a skincare and household item line made with naturally sourced wild agar-wood. A year ago, we set up a new and modern factory, imported cutting edge technology and expertise to help develop and produce the products. “Monspace is very careful about the development of this project. We first set up a modern manufacturing facility, bringing in equipments and machines worth millions to process agarwood.

We also employed professionals and experienced wellness experts to be part of the product development team,” said founder and CEO of Monspace, Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai. Since it’s launch, the agarwood series have expanded to include popular wellness products such as feet therapy, health foods, vinegar, perfume, supplements, tea, soap and even household items. As food safety becomes a more pertinent issue, and global consumers being increasingly aware of food quality, manufacturers need to implement tighter controls over the entire supply chain to ensure the quality of their products. As a product that touts health and wellness, Monspace’s agarwood series naturally employs strict standards when it comes to ensuring the quality of its products.

Since 2017, Monspace has been applying for food safety certification, and has since then been awarded with ISO 9001 and ISO 2000 by the Malaysian Food Safety Management System, and the Halal certification by JAKIM. This year, to further improve the management of our manufacturing chain, we ran several tests including the ISO 22000: 2005, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, and Good Manufacturing Practice. We have passed all three assessments, and attained certifications of ISO 22000: 2005, HACCP, and GMP by VECERT Singapore. The tests above are in fact the most commonly used, internationally recognised food safety assessment systems. It ensures that the entire supply chain, from raw material extraction, to manufacturing, to wholesale and retail are all up to standard in terms of quality control. “To pass these three tests, the company went through an elaborate process of employee training, system upgrade, documentation and more.”

“After a lot of hard work, the agarwood series passed all three assessments, proving the product is indeed high-quality, and safe to consume by international standards,” said Lai. As the world becomes more aware and demanding of what they consume, Monspace has created a holistic system to ensure that all of its production is safe, well-maintained, and effective. That’s also why it passed all the quality assessments in such a short time. The awarding of the ISO 22000: 2005, HACCP, and GMP certifications goes to show that Monspace has not only stayed ahead of the industry, but also gained the pass to go international—a key step in achieving its long term goals.

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