VCUnion Venture Capital Alliance ecological platform strong login to Reuters big screen

VCUnion, an innovative platform for venture capital alliances based on blockchain technology, has recently appeared on the most iconic Reuters big screen after the unveiling of the Nasdaq big screen, at the “World Crossroads” of New York Times Square – The top show of the world’s best brands shows the high-end service platform of venture capital.

New York’s Times Square is a bustling neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City. Nearly 40 malls and theaters are located near the square. It is a thriving entertainment and shopping center. Large-scale financial, publishing and media companies are attracted to set up headquarters in the region. A large number of international tourists traveled here.

The Reuters Big Screen (Thomson Reuters advertising screen) is the iconic electronic screen of Times Square, and is regarded by the industry as one of the “four global gold advertising spots”. It is located at the intersection of No. 43 and Seventh Avenue, adjacent to the Nasdaq advertising screen, with a unique location advantage, allowing the content on the screen to reach any perspective of Times Square.

VCUnion, the venture capital alliance platform of Reuters Daping, is an emerging product of blockchain technology applied to the venture capital market. Blockchain technology is the data structure concept proposed by Nakamoto in 2008. Its application has been programmed from the programmable currency, programmable financial iteration to the third generation for social applications. VCUnion is based on the third generation of blockchain technology.

The main advantages of VCUnion are highlighted in the following: First, the third-generation blockchain technology is used to pass the advantage of at least one-tenth of a thousand tokens, effectively reducing the risk investment threshold; at the same time, blockchain technology can bring risk investors from The shackles of management, auditing, contracts, and other complicated work are freed, focusing attention on good projects in the capital market. The second is to bring together outstanding projects and venture capital institutions around the world, and successfully match the project parties with the funders to form a global venture capital circle. The third is to take advantage of the inability to tamper with information in blockchain technology to ensure the reliability of information and prevent information fraud from causing transaction risks. The fourth is to use the intelligence of blockchain technology to quantify the smart contract to reach a transaction consensus, thus establishing a flexible capital withdrawal mechanism. Funds such as Aviva Investors, Aberdeen Standard Investment, Cash Bank Capital and BNP Paribas Asset Management have been added.

VCUnion’s development companies Basrich, RRE and Chain are also leaders in venture capital and blockchain technology. Basrich is a venture capital firm involved in the research and development financing of AMD’s Bulldozer products, and has also successfully participated in venture capital projects of SHI, BitPay and VigLink. RRE Investment has long been involved in the digital currency field, witnessed the entire process of blockchain iteration, and successfully invested in bitcoin companies such as itBit, 21 Inc and BitPay. Chain Technology specializes in blockchain technology for large international companies such as VISA, NASDAQ and Citigroup. The three companies invited former Google executive Gregory McCray to serve as the executive of VCUnion, adding to the strength of VCUnion’s effective operations.

VCUnion’s recently launched “Angel Plan” DAPP has been widely watched by angel investors around the world. The VCUnion is strongly registered with the Nasdaq Big Screen and the Reuters big screen in New York Times Square, highlighting the ambition and ambition of VCUnion’s high-level march into the global market, and the global integration of venture capital and blockchain technology.

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