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SEA(Southeast Asia) Maplers have been identified with the most supportive group for Nexon’s MapleStory franchise. As the majority in every MapleStory installment, what is the secret of SEA Maplers’ rise and grand contribution? Why MapleStory M became another phenomenal success among its peer as the latest sequel of MapleStory? You will be amazed by what we are going to show you.

MapleStory M has been dominating the first chair of Southeast Asia Apple App Store and Google Play for weeks. Although the statistics collected and published based on the charts of most downloaded games in there reflected only a matter of fact in last month, MapleStory M still stands out with spectacular download times and prominent position in Top 10 List in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, etc nowadays. SEA arenas did contribute much more other than any other regions to the MapleStory M prosperity since its global release on July 24th, 2018 had initiated as scheduled.

The open secrets of this blockbuster in SEA is bringing the nostalgic world of the MapleStory mobile side-scrolling MMORPG, offering the same endless volume of customization, immersive plots and epic boss attacks that fans expect from the epic franchise. For most millennials in SEA, MapleStory is certainly a blast from the past, and MapleStory M is competent for the job of a blast for MapleStory. Nexon had shown the people that they may not have so much innovation to exhibit contemporarily, but still prevail over the fate of elimination simply by duplicating the oldie and arousing adults’longing for the past.

For SEA Maplers, especially who have been residing in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong for Decades, MapleStory is more of an epitome of childhood time than a game itself. MapleStory M is not just a mobile version and latest installment of an epic franchise of MapleStory features a reflection of combination between an old-school hardcore and modern software. MapleStory M may not be one of the most impressive and high-edge mobile game we have now, but it surely strike us as its uniqueness.

However, despite many stunning features It has, MapleStory M acquires so much time and energy to engage in regular adventures, quests, loots that a normal adult can barely squeeze out. Our recommendation is a feasible, efficient, fast, yet high-secured and cost-optimal shortcut to assist and boost you and your characters in the game – MMOAH, a website who has been devoting itself in the industry for 8 years, with high reputation and tremendous fame among consumers and its peers.

What distinctive features MMOAH has to thrive in the MapleStory M Mesos transactions?

1. 30-minutes delivery guarantee. Once your payment is confirmed by our system, your order will be processed immediately and your Mesos delivery will be promised to fulfill within 30 minutes. Otherwise, you will get a compensation from us for being late or an upcoming whole refund for longer delay and initiative request from you.

2. Coupon code and Membership discount to save you more. There is an exclusive coupon code, “MMOAH”, for any Mesos order placed on our website, to save 8% off. Furthermore, once you are a VIP on our website Membership, You will automatically be received the discounts from us for every order.

3. A high-secured delivery method with minimal loss. Every Mesos delivery must be fulfilled through Trade Station in MapleStory M. Trade Station transactions, which have already been proved as the highest-safe-level trade method, will safeguard every account and trade-marked Mesos from suspension and confiscation in most circumstances. Although there is an inevitable transaction fee in every trade withheld by Nexon, normally 10% of the whole, MMOAH has figured out a way to prevent our consumers losing a certain amount of money. Our exclusive two-time auction method, which basically allows you to post two items in the Trade Station, one priced for primary price you need, the other for compensation of 10%, our delivery guy will buy them out later at the same time, and cost you only 0.1% of whole amount Mesos thusly after the transaction completed.

4. Customer-friendly Design and establishments. We have both Chinese and English languages for SEA Maplers in Server choice sections, Information fields notes, payment methods section, etc. Considering SEA region’s complications, we added up Chinese-language customer reps as well to bring you more convenience and fluency.

Rember, MMOAH is always here for every Mapler for buying Maplesea Mesos and share all your experiences in MapleStory M SEA. Maple World needs you to save. GO, MAPLERS!

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