Spot Trender, a leading cloud-based ad-testing technology successfully launched the new advertising testing platform

Spot Trender is one of the leading and trusted ad-testing technologies that has recently launched the new advertising testing platform called the Spot Trender Cloud. The launch was highly successful with over 80% of the Spot Trender’s full-service clients adopting the new technology. A number of Spot Trender clients are Fortune 500 companies. The company also recently announced the results of their Third Annual Super Bowl Ad Performance Test, examining themes relating to sexuality and gender roles. The poll was conducted with 1301 participants in a national representative sample and a detailed article about the results was covered in the Huffington Post.

“Marketers have a need… a need for speed. To keep up with this, about 4 years ago, we developed a robust suite of intelligent algorithms and patented methods to automate data collection and analysis. Initially, this suite was designed for Spot Trender analysts to provide high-quality data analysis much faster, and at a fraction of the cost. Our clients were delightfully surprised with how quickly we can deliver the reports, they started asking how we did it. When we showed them the tools, many asked if their teams can use it as well. Spot Trender Cloud was born.” – Rick Nguyen, Co-founder & President at Spot Trender.

Spot Trender Cloud is a breakthrough product for advertisers that allow them to test the effectiveness of their marketing/ad campaigns using proven methods. “With Spot Trender Cloud, they’d receive immediately actionable insights with just a few clicks”, Rick adds. It allows the advertisers to do Ad Testing and Brand Tracking of creative content for any marketing channel and get a third-party perspective from the expert analysis. Using this product, the advertisers can also identify any red-flags early in the creative process and make necessary improvements. In short, Spot Trender Cloud enables the advertisers to get their advertising research done in a fast, smart, and more effective manner.

Spot Trender Cloud enables the marketers to achieve all of their essential goals through tracking customized qualitative & quantitative metrics, using a highly targeted and large sample size, and access to an intuitive platform to effortlessly generate immediate and actionable insights. Using this platform, the marketers can take advantage of the highly customizable and scalable brand tracking worldwide while the patented Live Emotional Reactions Feedback System provides a much richer qualitative data.

The competitive prices of the Spot Trender Cloud services allow both big and small marketers to use the data collected from Ad Testing to make improvements in their advertising plans and refine their ads to target more customers.

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