Livetecs Introduces Fixed-Bid Billing In TimeLive

Miami, US – September 20, 2018 – Livеtесѕ iѕ thrilled to аnnоunсе the introduction of “Fixed-Bid Billing” in Timelive. This latest software update is to foster an improvement in the usage of the sofware in line with the goal of Livetecs as a leading provider of web-based business products and custom software solutions for small and medium sized businesses, in its efforts tо serve its clients better and enhance uѕеrѕ’ activities on the software, as well as productivity. Fixed-Bid Billing enable administrators and project managers to bill any scope of work at a set price, no matter how long it takes to complete. One of the features of this update is that one can invoice for a Fixed-Bid Billing from its analysis page, un-invoiced fees will be automatically pulled in, as against the previous hours and hourly rates.

Timelive as one of the best online timesheet solutions for small and large enterprise is known for Time and Expense monitoring for employee effectiveness and expenses against each task, this Time Tracking Software which is the number tool for the managers, has always been great for tracking projects that bill hourly, as it enable users to easily monitor employee performance, generate, customize, and create personalized reports according to their preferences. Project settings, reports, and invoices are built around these kinds of time projects. Fixed-Bid Billing is a solution to monitor projects without any time frame for completion. When a project is created, users can now choose if that project is Hourly or Fixed-Bid Billing. In Timelive, users can have access to select from 3 types of options in the client, and then an invoice will be paid whatever option is selected in the client:

  1. Fixed Bid by Client
  2. Fixed Bid by Project
  3. Fixed Bid by Task 

“Until now, there just hasn’t been a clear way to track a Fixed-Bid Billing. Today, we’re introducing some features to better support those fixed-bid billing in this latest update of the software,” says the spokesperson of Livetecs while giving an insight into the latest update.

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In addition to QuickBooks Timesheet meant for the transfer of information between TimeLive and QuickBooks Timesheet, which is an ideal solution for those projects or tasks billing due to its data transfer ability, reporting is also taken into consideration in a Fixed-Bid billing, the un-invoiced amount for a Fixed-Bid Billing will now be accurate. Previously, it was based on hourly rates. Now, it’s been calculated by taking the total project fees, and subtracting any invoiced amount. These latest updates give users the info they need to invoice, right where they need it, so they can bill for all their projects, even fixed-bid, without hassle. Employee Timesheet Software also enables easy management of human capital in Timelive.

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