Top AI Security Cameras worth Looking Out in 2019

Home is sweet when you feel safe. It is always best to keep your home tightly secure from unwanted trespassers within your property. One of the ways in security measure is utilizing security cameras. And in today’s modern technology, Artificial Intelligence is bringing security to another level. Here are some top AI Security Cameras worth looking out in 2019.

Hikvision iDS-2PT9122IX-D/S – price not available yet

Hikvision is a global leading IP security camera manufacturer. This series of smart security camera has been integrated with Movidius Myriad 2 Video Processing Unit (VPU). The security camera can provide 1920×1080 at 60fps video capturing capability, and it fully meets the needs that have combined with both panoramic and highly detailed image viewing. Hikvision iDS-2PT9122IX-D camera can automatically track the moving targets, then incorporating optical zoom to zoom in and analyze the target, finally output the photos of suspicious people. The total pixel of the captured photo can reach 200dpx, therefore can be sent to a data center for further analysis. (Source from Unifore Security)

Hikvision iDS-2PT9122IX-D camera is not available on retail stores, it is unclear if this device is only available for commercial use. 

Lighthouse – under $400

Top as the best AI Security Camera on Gizmodo How lighthouse is different from other existing security cameras is, it has the ability to be like alexa that speaks your language. It enables you to find the video you want in seconds with voice search. Lighthouse uses the 112-degree field of view, night vision, two-way talk and security siren

What is special about the lighthouse?

Lighthouse uses 3D sensor and AI, and allow customized notification when there’s actual movement from people and large objects. Not from shadows or pets.

Eyecloudcam – under $80

Eyecloudcam is a wireless, battery-powered, security camera that uses computer vision technology on embedded system. This allows eyecloud to see, hear, and analyze. The eyecloud cam runs on a rechargeable lithium battery and doesn’t require any wire to supply power. The eyecloud cams runs with an app and allows energy saving functions. The computer vision technology allows video recording to be triggered by human. Eyecloud camera runs on 110° wide viewing angle

What is special about eyecloud cam?

Eyecloud cam prides at its affordable pricing that is already launched on Kickstarter.

View more information here:

Eufycam – price not available yet

Evercam focuses on long battery life with 365 days of running power on one charge. Although they did not clearly state that they are an AI security camera, the device has face recognizing alerts, wireless and use a magnetic mount to install Eufycam. Eufycam uses 140degrees wide-angle lens that provides panaromic view.

Eufycam just ended their kickstarter and their retail price is not available yet.

360 Dome PTZ Camera – under $60

This camera is built by Internet Company 360. It comes with 5 Modes, “INTELLIGENT PATROL MODE”, “AUTO EYE-CLOSE”, CHECK CUSTOMIZED ZONE AUTOMATICALLY, “HOME ANTI-THEFT MODE”, “PET MONITOR MODE” and “BABY MONITOR MODE”. The camera comes with special features like Baby Crying/Real-time Activity Alerts. The camera uses motion detection. This device requires set up using 360 app, which is available for free on both android an iOS. 360 Dome PTZ Camera is available on amazon. 

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