Survey Reveals The Most Effective Way To Whiten Teeth and 96% of People Agree

Take a walk on any teeth beauty and care aisle and chances are a large variety of teeth whitening products and devices will be competing to attract customers’ attention and be the winner product that gets into the shopping basket. However tempting it may be to go for the least expensive option in an effort to achieve fast and great results that is not always the case.

But bright, white, shiny teeth are more in demand than ever before. At least 14% of all Canadians report having bought over-the-counter whitening products. Many of these products contain various ingredients such as charcoal or lemon juice which not only fail to give results but can actually be damaging to the teeth surface and while initial whitening will be attained, that will quickly wear off almost every time.

For anyone who truly cares about their teeth’s health, professional whitening is the best option. Widely recognized as one of the leading in-office whitening services among Canada’s dental clinics, the Zoom!® Whitening System is a clinically proven treatment leading to up to 10 shades whiter teeth in just 45 minutes. Using light-activated technology, the very popular treatment for powerful whitening has been proven to be safe and effective for teeth and gums as well as offer protection. This happens due to the fact that the system benefits from adjustable intensity features which can then be personalized according to every person’s sensitivity and whitening goals.

Consumer surveys are revealing how amazing the treatment is. Over 95% of everyone who’s tried the Zoom!®Whitening System agree they have achieved excellent results. For those worried it may affect their teeth’s sensitivity, fear no more as 90% of people surveyed reported experiencing little or no sensitivity. Finally, the treatment managed to accomplish a 96% satisfaction rate.

To reinforce this, various clinical trials have also looked into the benefits of this whitening treatment. One study published in 2018 aimed to compare various bleaching techniques and how effective they are. The randomized controlled clinical trial involved 21 patients aged at least 18 years old to avoid the associated hypersensitivity and of a maximum age of 45 due to the inherent colour of the dentin, one of the teeth’s four main components. Participants were split into three groups as following: an in-office treatment group with 25% hydrogen peroxide, an at-home bleaching with 9.5% bleaching treatment group and a third one which combined the two treatments. Important to note here is that all groups used ZOOM! products regardless of the group they were part of.

The results showed no statistically significant difference, which in this case was great news as all options proved themselves to be effective in terms of stability, colour change and hypersensitivity. While the in-office bleaching technique was shown to significantly improve lightness after a six-month follow-up, all of them low tooth sensitivity which reduced after seven days.

Luckily for anyone who wants to whiten their teeth, cosmetic dentistry clinics such as The Art of Dentistry which serves people from Toronto and surroundings, either individual or combined treatments are available.

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