CoTrader – Safeguarding Investors From The Turmoil Of A Volatile Market

People lose outrageously when investing. It’s not just about the nature of the market which is alone responsible for the investor’s loss; it’s also the patience, the skill and the time that any investment vehicle demands. To be honest, not every investor has those qualities. Moreover, several regulations casted upon by the regulatory bodies and the amount of time assets are locked in, stops investors from entering the investment game.

An Overview of A Boon That Will Make Investing More Remunerative

The above scenario is soon fading away because CoTrader, a decentralized, secure and futuristic platform for investing has come up with the perfect solution for it. This is where an investor gets to trade in different forms of assets like shorts, derivatives, stocks, cryptos, ICOs and several others. What’s even better? Apart from being supported by the best fund managers, investors have the power to be in full control of their assets. These fund managers have a proven track record, something that investors can see for themselves. Undoubtedly, it has democratized the $85 trillion dollars global investment arena.

The Working of The Platform

All tradable assets like cryptos, shares, ventures, stocks, and derivatives are tokenized, via ERC20 and Ethereum. These tokens are then traded on decentralized exchanges or DEX. This is done by traders, who at CoTrader are also referred to as fund managers. These fund managers have to create a portfolio of their ROI and develop credibility that further fetches them investors, i.e., Cotraders. Some notable DEXs that come into play are Kyber, AirSwap, Bancor and CoTrader’s DEX.

CoTrader Garbs A Wonderful Shield in Form of Smart Contracts  

In most forms of investment, once the investment is made and assets are locked, they can’t be withdrawn. This can become unfavorable for investors since the investment could later lose value, which would then cause a loss to the investor. The issue here is that the investor has to live with this fact, rather withdrawing their invested amount. At CoTrader, with Ethereum based smart contracts, investors have the complete authority to pull their funds out at any point of time, and the fund managers are only entitled to their share of fees that they have already agreed upon.

Fund Managers

CoTrader is a platform where fund managers can equally thrive along with the investors. This unique trading platform creates an arena for common masses that allow them to become fund managers. To begin with, a fund manager starts by trading his/her funds. This way they can build a ROI portfolio based on their trading history which is further exhibited to their investors. Talking about how lucrative the platform is, every time an investor makes a profit, the fund managers receive their agreed-upon profit share after the platform charges a small amount of fees.

Amidst a market that can see a dip and a hike in a jiffy, CoTrader aims at empowering more and more people with financial freedom.

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