Julia Daviy makes history with the first of its kind “wearable” 3D Printed Collection for Women

3D Printed Clothing Designer, Julia Daviy aiming to reassemble the fashion industry as the fashion brand debuts at the NYFW showing off the first ever 3D Printed Collection for Women within the U.S.

The New York Fashion Week is reputed as one of the major fashion events in the world, providing a platform for established and startup fashion brands to show the world their creativity and get the needed exposure. The 2018 edition of the event was not any different as 3D printing designer, Julia Daviy, debuted on September 6th, 2018 at The Fashion Meet Technology NYFW event, where the fashion brand showcased the first ever 3D printed wearable full clothing collection for women.

The 2018 NYFW had history written all over it as different fashion brands across the globe took to the runway to show their latest collection. One designer that particularly caught the eyes of fashion lovers across the globe is Julia Daviy. Over the years, the concept of 3D printed pieces has grown in popularity and acceptance with designers using hard materials with ultra-sophisticated designs to create amazing pieces. However, such pieces are usually almost impossible to wear for everyday activities due to the materials used in making them. This is Julia Daviy and the latest collection from the fashion are aiming to change the narrative by using FDM and SLA 3D printing technologies to create functional, fabulously delicate and wearable pieces for women.

Each of the 3D printed pieces in the collection is done using large-scale printing technology with the majority of her collection being printed on the industrial large-format FDM 3D printers using TPU materials. This is a twist to the tradition as other 3D printed clothing designers use small-scale printers, subsequently cutting, splitting and gluing multiple pieces together. The collection is also unique as each of the stages of producing the pieces are done by Julia herself, which include designing the pieces from scratch.

Julia Daviy’s works are particularly unique as all looks are completely 3D printed, which is unlike other designers in the industry that print on several parts and require further post-processing to get the final piece. This innovation in addition to the use of “wearable” materials that helps to bring 3D printed fashion into the mainstream of everyday clothing are distinguishing factors of the designer’s collection.

More information about The Liberation Collection and other works from Julia Daviy can be found on their website. Julia Daviy also has a strong presence on social media and can be found on the likes of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

About Julia Daviy

Julia Daviy is a creator and a designer of 3D printed clothing that aims to liberate the creativity of women by using 3D printing technologies to create an entirely new age for the fashion industry. With issues like chemical pollution, energy consumption, material waste and the exploitation of animals surrounding the fashion world, Julia Daviy aims to use 3D printing as a solution to these problems.

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