GetJanes provides luxury Nursing Nightgown And Robe For Hospital And Home Use

Comfortable Nursing Nightgown and Robe Provides Women With A Better, More Dignified Alternative To Hospital Wear

Not many women know that they do not have to wear the starched, open-back hospital gowns after delivery. While most hospitals require mothers to wear the sterilized hospital gear provided during delivery, once the baby has been delivered mothers are free to wear their own gowns as soon as they are transferred to the postpartum recovery room. This comes as good news to women who find it embarrassing and highly uncomfortable to wear the flimsy, ill-fitting hospital issue garments that tie at the back. Traditional patient-wear leaves many women feeling exposed, vulnerable, and cold. 

GetJanes released their cross-over, front-opening, kimono style maternity robes for hospital wear to address women’s concerns regarding modesty, feelings of vulnerability, and comfort. According to Sharon Linder, the owner and founder of GetJanes, it is much more than just a patient gown. It helps women retain their dignity and helps foster more confident, relaxed communication with doctors and caregivers. Janes nursing gowns are designed to offer mothers total coverage, comfort, and warmth while they are in a medical facility and still provide access for medical examinations.

These high-quality gowns offer mothers the peace of mind that the robe will stay in place without slipping down as is the case with open-back hospital gowns. The cross-over front allows breastfeeding from one breast while the other breast remains covered for ultimate warmth, comfort, and modesty.

Many moms prefer to wear their own gowns in recovery as it makes them feel much better about themselves and it also looks much nicer than a hospital gown in those important first photographs. It is important for mothers to have a nursing nightgown and robe that is versatile enough to sleep in, feed in, and feel good about in the hospital as well as the first few days back home. Something practical while caring for a baby but also presentable enough to wear when guests arrive. Designed for all women going through stressful medical times, Janes will make a positive difference in their lives by making them feel more secure and dignified.

Whether nursing a baby, preparing for a doctor’s visit, or lounging at home, a well-fitting, comfortable gown in a lightweight fabric is essential and that is exactly what GetJanes offers new moms. These affordable, good looking labor and delivery gowns are ideal for wearing postpartum and during the first few weeks of nursing. When leaking occurs and baby burps up after a feed the lightweight fabric is easy to wash and dry.

Bottom line, for women who would like to feel better about themselves immediately after giving birth, packing a couple of Janes nightgowns is the answer. They are more comfortable, presentable, and practical than the standard gowns handed out by hospitals and they allow a lot more coverage. The cross-over design is extremely practical and the gowns come in several sizes from small to extra large.

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