Block Applications Are Everywhere – Seven Dimensional Exchange Token Opens the New Era of Intelligent Tourism Entertainment Industry

Launched by the World Tourism Association and the Global Hotel Industry Alliance, the Seven Dimensional Exchange Token is a large-scale smart travel entertainment ecosystem that combines blockchain technology with the Seven Dimensional Exchange Token entity system. Seven Dimensional Exchange Token uses the blockchain sharing mechanism to link the development elements of the tourism and entertainment industry, and uses the smart contract to construct the transaction process of the entire tourism and entertainment industry. The purpose is to solve the pain points of the tourism and entertainment industry and the ecological closed-loop construction of the online game industry. Seven Dimensional Exchange Token will build a green tourism ecosystem with security, transparency and high credibility in an all-round way.

The Seven Dimensional Exchange Token builds a decentralized global hospitality platform that uses state-of-the-art blockchain technology to quickly build a complete, easy-to-change hotel system for today’s hotels. The implementation of the Seven Dimensional Exchange Token blockchain is expected to improve the security level in user sensitive data protection and bring financial-grade data security to the hotel industry. The technology application of the blockchain is not only safe, but also opens up the information exchange between members of each group. Many large hotel groups have acquired a number of independent brands through mergers and acquisitions. Many of them still maintain their own system architecture and membership strategies. Therefore, their information platform is still an independent system. The risk of information exchange with other hotel platforms is high. Once blockchain technology is applied to this, VIP privacy is safely shielded, facilitating the convergence of VIPs among brands and user experience will be greatly improved.

Seven Dimensional Exchange Token’s tourism ecosystem is the world’s first decentralized travel platform. Through the technology and philosophy of blockchain and the deep technical support of the world’s leading AI and big data, it effectively solves the core pain points of the industry and introduces more Friendly loyalty program. Seven Dimensional Exchange Token improved tourism user identification management, optimized baggage tracking and streamlined travel value chain payment processes, creating a new, decentralized, efficient, transparent, credible and self-driven travel ecosystem. It brings a new revolution to the huge tourism industry market which has more than 12 billion consumers per year and over 6 trillion US dollars, and more than 7% of global GDP.

As online games develop more and more rapidly, the pain points of online games are also revealed. Virtual game content has high transaction costs, low security factor, and lack of authentication credentials. Relying on the booming development of the game industry, the demand for game equipment transactions and account transactions grows rapidly, and the third-party virtual game content trading market is gradually taking shape. However, because the third-party trading platform is completely independent of the game system, there are pain points such as high transaction costs and malicious retrieval by the seller after the content transaction. Seven Dimensional Exchange Token utilizes features such as temper proof, consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, privacy protection, and digital wallet in blockchain technology to bring more secure, multi-participating, distributed transactions and transaction processing to traditional games. It will also provide better data storage, protection and attribution mechanism, more convenient circulation and settlement experience, promoting the transparency and efficiency of the game industry, as well as enhancing mutual trust and reducing fraud.

In the era of blockchain economy, the storm of digital economic transformation has already raged on. Seven Dimensional Exchange Token will establish a decentralized service blockchain system that is completely true, and is expected to lead the global step in the new economic era of blockchain in the near future, redefining the infinite possibilities of the blockchain world!

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