Kansas City Restaurants Tourists Love to Visit

There’s more to Kansas City than great baseball and deadly tornadoes. Kansas City is prominent for many reasons, such as their world renowned BBQ, beautiful architecture and of course their historic Kansas City jazz. Now obviously when visiting any place, especially Kansas City, you are going to want to eat. But before we get started just a quick tip! Traveling anywhere can be stressful but if you use “Google my business” you can find any information at any time that suits all of your needs. Now let’s begin. 


Like I said earlier, while traveling, eating is everyone’s favorite pastime. Lucky for you, you are traveling to Kansas City the mecca of delicious mouthwatering food. Of course, it all really depends on what exactly you want to eat and what kind of experience you are going for. If you want a taste of the life the locals live, then Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que might be your speed. Here you’ll find classic chicken, sandwiches, and ribs that fall right off the bone. 

The Local experience is not for everyone and there is nothing wrong with that. You are traveling and being a tourist at the end of the day so why not find a historic, iconic, rich with Kansas City antiquity restaurant to dine at. The Rieger Hotel opened in 1915 and “continues the tradition of hospitality with classic dishes and hand-crafted cocktails”. At the Rieger you get a hint of what classic Kansas City used to be from the tile floor all the way to the bathroom decor, all remain untouched and fully original. But just because The Rieger is “old” does not mean it can’t hold its own with their menu because that is just not the case. Their cocktails are amongst the top tier, and the food is not to be taking lightly either. You can order yourself a grilled Spanish mackerel or a simple whole smoked chicken to share if you would like. Trust me when i say this, if you are in Kansas City, The Rieger is a must, even if it is just for the history. 

Now we talked about the local experience and the tourist experience but now we need to talk about just having the best experience. Personally, there is only one place that really brings the family together not only to eat but in a competitive manner as well. What place could possibly do that you might ask? It’s simple really, TopGolf. Here the fun is limitless, from a wide variety of games to be played by yourself or against another for example Quick 9 their newest and fastest paced game or you could play the classic TopDrive. It all depends on you. The food is extraordinary, and the service is phenomenal. Making a trip there is a necessity and I highly recommend this source for the most memorable time. 

Traveling to Kansas City will be the best decision of your life. The food is incredible, and the people are wonderful. If this is your first time going it will most certainly not be the last!

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