Even a Novice Needs a NYC Financial Advisor

The purpose of obtaining a financial advisor is to grow and sustain financial wealth as smoothly and quickly as possible. As you can see here, the many opportunities used to achieve financial wealth are overwhelming to most and usually require costly mistakes to learn one’s way up the Wall Street ladder. The financial advisor, however, eliminates much of this risk and emotion with their expertise and sole purpose to guide others into their own monetary success. For the client, having an advisor master their finances for them frees up more time and energy. 

The problem 

Many people assume a financial advisor is for the already wealthy, the ones who already make and have more than they dream to. While some people did get their start in adult life already wealthy, many became wealthy because of the intelligent decisions they made along the way. One of these intelligent decisions being the hiring of an advisor. 

When the novice is too new 

There are situations in which it is commendable for the novice to wait for the services of an advisor. Perhaps the most obvious situation is when the fee for services is greater than the income of the requestor or a very significant chunk of it. Ideally, the novice should have some workable income that is not tied up and some goals established though many advisors can help with this. Regardless of the individual’s situation though, it is acceptable to simply ask a company when they consider a person ready for an advisor. 

Those not yet ready for a financial advisor like Bone Fide Wealth LLC should start with their free downloadable guide on starting a financial foundation. The novice should also consider looking around for some free financial classes. Often, churches and libraries will offer the occasional finance class but there is always information available online and many books on the subject. However, the future investor should stick with basics until professional advice and guidance. Once a good cash flow and foundation has been established, the New York Department of Financial Services, NYDFS, should be the next step for insight on qualified advisors. This department is responsible for the regulation of financial products and people, a wonderful source for any leery learner. 

Check your sources 

The NYDFS allows civilians to inquire on the legitimacy of a company and offers fraud protection by offering the public the ability to file a complaint. However, the existence of this department already protects the consumer without the ability to file a complaint because of its function to supervise financial institutions. The department also offers many money articles online for free. 

Go for it 

Any insecurities the novice consumers have shouldn’t prevent them from making the jump to professional guidance, it should be more reason to ask. If a person is not able to seek services now, they should be aiming for it as a tangible future option rather than wishful thinking that goes nowhere fast. A financial advisor is the solid choice for building a future worth picturing.

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