ExagonPay Enlightens Readers on How Businesses Can Increase and Multiply Their Sales By Accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum

As cryptocurrencies rise in popularity, more and more people use them not just in particular transactions but also in their day to day lives. When this is the case, businesses that do not offer crypto-currency support often end up reducing certain opportunities for themselves. However, that is just one of the many reasons to consider crypto-currencies. The other reason is that it is quite simple to do so. Many businesses believe that one needs to be an expert at crypto-currencies to allow their access onto their website, but the truth is that with services like ExagonPay, who allow websites to accept crypto payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum onto their website.  They act as a virtual terminal through this.

Their merchant account allows one to start accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum payments using a simple HTML form and IPM notifications, or a simple email.  They are also the only service right now that allows Ethereum based payments.

Through their services, one can receive cryptocurrency payments at your website / physical store and get back Euros or US Dollars. The entire process is done automatically and within moments. As a result of this, one can fundamentally change the course of their business and boost sales beyond anything that they might have seen in the past. They are not only able to communicate with new customers who may have been interested but unable to partake in the transactions.

There is no doubt that bitcoin, ethereum and other crypto-currencies are going to be setting the tone of all business transactions in the future. Businesses that accept their payments will thus be ahead of the curve more so than anyone else and will be gaining a competitive edge that will surely push them ahead of their customers. They make it so accepting bitcoin and ethereum payments not only become effective and easy but also quite simplified and secured.

For more information, visit their website at https://exagonpay.com/

About ExagonPay:

ExagonPay is a payment gateway solution for blockchain payments which offers a multitude of tools to make payments using bitcoin, ethereum, and many other crypto-currencies. The purpose of the company (Exagon KFT) is to allow the democratization of cryptocurrency payments in all types of companies offering products or services. They remove all forms of volatility from their service by providing faster, cheaper and more secure options than traditional merchant accounts. 

Users can have the option to pay with both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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