Californian Writer Cynthia Nolan Tells a Gripping Story that Spans Centuries in Royally Courted

Riverside, California – September 22, 2018 – Writer Cynthia Nolan serves a mishmash of genres in her book Royally Courted which is available on Amazon. The story jumped through time and back into Ireland 400 years ago. This almost epic piece has the elements of a thriller and the flavor of a romantic story with the suspense and surprise added to the mix.

One of the two books that Cynthia Nolan has published, Royally Courted is a lovely and gripping story that hopes to pull the readers into each page and take them on a journey through time and different cultures and amaze them with a mysterious discovery towards the end. The characters are also written and undergo obstacles to compel the readers to root for their happy ending.

The plot involves a character named Altheia who was waiting for the return of Mathew whom she does not know has died in a dungeon. Then the story fast-forwards to 400 hundred years in the future, another character is introduced, Colette. This new character is the key to uncovering the mystery of the past that would lead to the rise of the story arc and would end it with an exclamation point. Then the reader is ushered to an exciting love story and conflicts that obstructs such tale. This is a story that jumps across history.

The writer Cynthia Nolan is living in California, where she writes her novels. She lives with her many cats and her book collection. The sunny state is an exciting backdrop for her intriguing and engaging ideas. Cynthia Nolan is also a 30-year veteran teacher who has also played a role in her growth as a writer.

Cynthia Nolan favorite quote of all time is “Walk softly and beam a big smile.” She is a writer with a disposition that also reflects the atmosphere of her sunny surroundings.

Royally Courted is available for purchase on Amazon, along with Cynthia Nolan’s other novels. This novel is perfect for readers who are a fan of romance, thriller, mystery, and history. It has many exciting elements in one book that it can cater to a broad range of readers. This novel can also be an engaging read for people who want to get to know the author’s body of work. After reading Royally Courted, the reader will surely want to pick up Cynthia Nolan’s other novels.

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