Dr. Ameet Kishore – An ENT Specialist in India Capable of Handling Many Problems Related to ENT

People will all sort of nose, throat, and ear problems should give Dr. Ameet Kishore a visit. He is one of the best ENT doctor in India thanks to his many experiences in handling patients of all ages.

India is home to the best ENT specialist in India. The doctor in question is doctor Ameet Kishore, one of India’s famed ENT doctors. Dr. Ameet is a trained doctor with many achievements under his belt. If cochlear implant surgery in India is the main problem, any potential patient must give the good doctor a visit.

Any surgery that involves the ear, the nose, and the throat is a potentially dangerous surgery when done wrong. The three organs are three of the most vital organs in the body, and losing one of them means losing an important function. Without the ear, one would not be able to hear. Without the nose, one would not be able to smell scents or even worse, one would not be able to breathe clearly. Without a perfectly functional throat, many problems such as the inability to swallow would rise, leading to malnutrition and to another troublesome complication.

Dr. Kishore has an eye for microscopic surgery. With 25 years of experience, Dr. Kishore has managed many patients ranging from those with mild cases to those with cases that are hard to solve. His personal approach means every patient will be under his own personal care, leaving no stone unturned and no patient uncared for.

Hilary Aisha Asante was a daughter to a mother who was once a former patient of Dr. Kishore. “Dr. Kishore is the kind of doctor that is rarely found anywhere else,” she iterated. “He is a good listener and is very tender with his patient, always in the mood to make them happy. For me, he is the only doctor you should go to if you ever have any ENT problem. All of my gratitude is for the doctor,” she continued, singing praises to the doctor past the initial shower of praise.

What you should know about Dr. Ameet Kishore

Dr. Ameet Kishore is a learned doctor who studied his trade at The University of Pune. However, he did not stop at that. Right after he earned his degree, he traveled to Scotland, more specifically Glasgow and Edinburgh, to pursue a higher learning. He is the current director and chief consultant to ADVENTIS and was once the honored senior lecturer in Glasgow Royal Infirmary University Hospital.

To learn more, visit: http://www.ameetkishore.com/

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