Kuester Management Group Shares Fall Readiness Tips for Homeowners

Kuester Management Group reveals some of the practical steps homeowners can take to prepare their properties for autumn weather.

A change in the seasons brings with it key home maintenance responsibilities—and fall is no exception. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group shares some key autumn readiness tips for homeowners, including practical ways to ensure their properties are prepared for the change in weather.

“The time to get your home ready is now—not after the frost and cold weather have arrived,” comments Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “We advise all homeowners to take their fall home maintenance checklist seriously.”

One way to do that is to clean out the gutters and downspouts. “Summer storms can leave a lot of debris in gutters that block the flow of rain,” comments Kuester. “Make sure they’re all cleaned out and in good working order for fall and winter weather.”

Homeowners are also encouraged to prepare their landscaping, which may mean digging up summer flowers and replacing them with hardier plants that can better withstand cold weather. It is likewise important to keep the leaves rakes; when leaves accumulate on top of grass, it can suppress spring growth and lead to ongoing lawn maintenance issues.

Kuester also recommends checking windows and doors. “Look for any cracks in insulation or weather stripping that can let cold air in or warm air out,” he encourages. “Make sure there is a tight seal.”

Chimney inspections are important, too. “Assuming you have a fireplace, have a chimney pro come out to clean it out and to check in your chimney for any build-up,” says Kuester. “You want to make sure it is clean and clear before you start a fire so you’re not putting your home or family at risk.”

A final step for homeowners to consider is checking the batteries in their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors—and replacing them as needed.

“Take some time to prioritize your fall readiness steps, and make sure your home is prepared for whatever the new season may bring,” concludes Kuester.

More information about the HOA management services offered by Kuester Management Group can be found online at www.kuester.com.


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