Get Ready for Fall, Pumpkin Spice, and Eye Allergy Advice

Columbia, SC, USA — September 22 was the first day of fall this year. Just imagine … cool, crisp weather and changing leaves with the smells of pumpkins, pecans and waffles fill the air. Though the weather hasn’t caught up to the season just yet, you’re probably dreading the onset of the fall allergy season. Sandpaper scraping on your eyelids. Constantly running or dripping eyes. Endless itching. Violent sneezing. Chronic sniffles. And, like everyone else, you can feel it coming a few days before the emergence of full-blown symptoms. Doctors have a fancy-sounding name for the condition: allergic conjunctivitis. You probably just call it misery, along with over 35 million other Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies.

What causes your allergies to flare up? Allergies are fundamentally a natural defense mechanism, as your body is doing its absolute best to prevent what it perceives as potentially harmful invaders from breaching its defenses. Plants tend to pollinate in three seasons. In spring, the trees pollinate, those with grass allergies tend to hit peak irritation in the summer, and weed allergies tend to trigger their victims in the fall. The main culprit of fall allergies is the ragweed plant. In various parts of the country, goldenrod, curly dock, lamb’s quarters, pigweed, sheep sorrel, and sagebrush can all cause fall allergies. Outdoor molds are another cause of fall allergies. They first appear in early spring, but thrive until the first frost. They are common in soil, compost piles, and in the leaves that cover the ground during the fall.

Is there anything you can do to minimize them each allergy season? For all of these conditions, minimizing time outdoors and investing in a good HEPA filter inside the house can help minimize symptoms. Of course, a doctor can always recommend or prescribe an antihistamine (orally or as an eye drop) designed to help you survive the onset of your allergy symptoms.

Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler, optometrists and founders of Eye Love, prescribe supplements to many patients on a daily basis. Everything from dry eye and macular degeneration to glaucoma and diabetes can be supported by the correct vitamin supplementation. Dr. Jenna Zigler stresses “People deserve easier access to quality products, and we see it as our duty to deliver. Our eye health supplements and wellness products, such as our Heyedrate Eyelid and Eyelash Cleanser, provide therapeutic relief for those with specific eye conditions and are strongly regulated by us.” The extra bonus of this hypochlorous acid spray is that this formula can also be used anywhere on the body to fight bacteria and inflammation. The fast onset of action starts working within minutes and the relief is unmatched.

Before you order that pumpkin spice latte and suffer in silence, learn more about Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser and other Eye Love eye wellness products at and join the Ziglers in their mission to end preventable blindness.

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