Human Disease Ravaging the Entire Species and No One Knows They Have It!

Waitsfield, VT, USA — Mikal Masters has now released a breakthrough bestseller, Blindsight – A Quantum Life in a Human World, detailing what he calls “The Human Disease.” Forcing humans to live as mere “Meat Sacks” rather than intelligent beings, “The Human Disease” is a runaway brain addiction for all things normal, materialistic and superficial; and it is destroying all of the world’s most basic systems. Throughout his extensive career as a musician, Masters has traveled across the globe and worked with a diverse body of people. By always observing and taking notes of how others operate, he began to notice recurring patterns and limiting beliefs. Drawing concepts from the depths of Quantum Science and ancient philosophies from various cultures, Masters’ latest book is a testament to his unique vision.

Blindsight is somewhat of a rhetoric on how centuries of limiting belief systems have undermined the true potential of humans as beings of intelligence and energy or as Masters defines it, “Intellergy.” Shedding a light on how human brains have become unaware of their own energy and aura, the author uses deep-rooted concepts from Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Epigenetics and Neuropharmacology. Having extensively researched these topics, he aims to find a cure for “The Human Disease” in order to help everyone elevate their consciousness and revel in the energy of their intergalactic brain. The book is a transformative journey for readers, as it will help them expand their potential and rise above mediocrity. Blindsight is a comprehensive guide with tangible resources to help humans live life as fully culminated beings of soul and energy.

Mikal Masters is a highly seasoned musician based out of Austin, Texas. With over 40 years of experience as a professional, Masters has toured and performed in over 30 countries. Having a unique contemplative world view from a young age, Masters began observing the people around him as he traveled as a musician. Making notes of his observations, he started developing an interest in ancient philosophies from various cultures, along with a deep-rooted passion for Quantum Mechanics. Studying these topics extensively, Masters created “Intimate Contemplative Science” as a medium for his unique thoughts and ideas.

With his literary work, Masters wants people to realize the true potential of the human mind and soul, which is beyond comprehensible worldly archetypes. Helping his readers become more mindful by breaking away from the mundane mindset that many people have become accustomed to, he forces people to “think about what we think about.”

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