How to Write a Movie Business Plan and Pitch Deck with Sample Business Plans, Pitch Decks, Workbooks and Videos Now Online at

“How to Write a Film Business Plan and Pitch Deck, featuring step by step workbooks and expert videos is available online now at”

New filmmakers seeking to learn how to write a movie business plan and pitch deck can find the support and sample documents they need online now at This in-depth guide features workbooks, videos, and support materials designed to help movie makers get up to speed fast. 

Filmmakers interested in a direct link can go here:

Writer/Producer Nancy Fulton currently support more than 25,000 entertainment industry pros in Hollywood and across the country with step-by-step, in-depth, informative events designed to help them write, produce, and perform more profitably  As executive producer for Mobile MotionMocap at Sirreel Studios she works with producers to bring their projects to market every day. 

About this resource Fulton says, “Writing a business plan and creating a pitch deck is a critical skill for filmmakers. Filmmakers show them to investors, potential co-producers, strategic partners, distributors, product placement partners, and key talent.  A good business plan is amazingly persuasive because it lays out a clear plan for producing a film that is going to make money.”

Filmmakers learn –

– A Fast, Easy-to-Follow Process for Building a Business Plan
– How to Find or Create the Information Required for the Business Plan
– How Business Plans Vary Based Upon Budget, Genre, and Funding Strategy
– Techniques for Swiftly Writing a Business Plan
– Options for Formatting a Business Plan
– How to Share a Business Plan with Others
– How to Create an Easy to Present Pitch Deck Based on a Business Plan
– How to Guarantee Distribution for a Project

Filmmakers recieve Immediate Access to the Following Documentation:

• Step-by-step workbook that teaches how you to create a film business plan
• Sample feature film business plan
• Sample feature film pitch deck.
• Step-by-step workbook on how to make a profitable documentary
• Sample documentary business plan
• Sample documentary pitch deck
• Video that covers exactly how to write a business plan and pitch deck.
• Video that covers working with a line producer to get accurate budgets,
• Video that covers hiring and insuring cast and crew nationwide legally and why its a critical thing to do right,
• Video that covers how to get film analytics and financial forecasts your investors will trust
• Video that covers how to absolutely good guarantee distribution for your film or documentary
• Video & Written Guide on how to avoid litigation Featuring Attorney Justin Sterling
• Guide on how to attach the right name name talent to your project.

Filmmakers can find a huge range of useful resources designed to help them profitably produce and sell their work at

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If you have any questions about these resources, or wish to license them for teaching face to face workshops or courses, reach out to info@nancyfultonmeetups

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