BankOnIP Announces New Intellectual Property Offering: Hybrid Top Cord Bearing System

Stilwell, KS – September 24, 2018 – BankOnIP, a leading intellectual property broker, announced today the Hybrid Top Cord Bearing System, a framing system that is used for constructing multi-family housing units and other buildings. It was designed to decrease material cost, reduce labor, improve job safety, improve sound control and provide better fire protection.

With over 50,000 units (50 million square feet) constructed from the east coast to the west coast, the Hybrid Top Cord Bearing System is a proven design that has been accepted by the industry.

  • No pre-rock required
  • Reduces material cost
  • Allows for blend of stud grades
  • No blocking required
  • Provides better fire protection
  • Danger of rotation of trusses during erection is eliminated
  • Reduces labor
  • Improves job safety
  • Improved sound resistant construction  
  • Loads transferred directly from floor to floor

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Headquartered in Stilwell, KS, BankOnIP is a leading intellectual property broker specializing in Intellectual Property (IP) commercialization of new patents and technologies. Our team brings extensive experience in brokering IP and commercialization of technologies.

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