Stripping For Jesus As The First Ministry That Connects Beauty Scars Fit-Sensuality And Financial Freedom

Ms. Pepper Fox a.k.a. Aishah Hicks, a professional 6-Figure Network Marketer, Singer, Photographer, and Author, announced today the launch of Stripping For Jesus Publishing Tour, the very first ministry that helps women share their story from victim to victor to live a fruitful life.

People, especially women, from all walks of life are experiencing abuse and violence throughout the globe today at the hands of the people they love. So much so, that domestic violence is the top cause of disability and death among women. Often, those hurting women seek assistance from the people who should care the most about freeing them from their repression. However, too many people fail to help them, allowing the malevolent of abuse continue in most homes where family members proclaim faith in God yet overlook His commands to love the women close to them.

This is the main reason why Stripping For Jesus is created. Aishah Hicks understands that God creates everyone, and everyone deserves a relationship with Him. Irrespective of what a person has done, been through, or going through, Stripping For Jesus can help anyone reconcile or establish a relationship with God. Aishah truly believes that having a relationship with God is the most vital relationship a person can have and is the key to genuine love, peace, and joy.

At a very young age, Aishah Hicks suffered from sexual abuse. At that time, her parents weren’t the best support she’d have. After experiencing all the misfortunes, that’s the time the holy spirit prompted her. She traveled by train 3,000 miles away without friends and family. After several years, she flourished as an author, speaker, coach, activist, and ministry leader. She published her first book, “Stripping For Jesus: Getting Rooted for Your Millionaire Breakthrough” where she taught using Faith, Fitness, Philanthropy and Financial literacy is the tool for breaking spiritual chains and inheriting the kingdom of God.

“Physical Beauty is the important but spiritual beauty I find is what really matters. Stripping For Jesus will help women nurture and grow a spirit that is not only pleasing in God’s eyesight but will allow her to develop a plan for exploring the different purposes for life,” explained Aishah Hicks. She believed in Les Brown’s quote and proved it right “Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality.”

The Stripping For Jesus movement strives to help survivors of sexual violence, especially young women of color find pathways to healing by connecting to God and construct a new way to live a flourishing life. The goal of the platform is to establish a community of advocates, driven by strong and striking survivors who will be at the lead for making solutions to create their own success story with the help of God. 

About Stripping For Jesus:

Stripping For Jesus is a movement created by Aishah Hicks. The platform is intended to help anyone develop or reconcile a relationship with God. For more information visit

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