Aire Fresco launches first guided meditation app designed by Hispanics for Hispanics: technology and design seamlessly combine to bring meditation to the masses in Latin America and beyond

When Victor Coutin hit a rough patch in his personal life, he turned to meditation to help him through the bumps in the road. It allowed him to make sense of a stressful world and had a profound effect on his life. So much so, that he became passionate about sharing its benefits with as many people as possible. Now, he is launching the first guided meditation app designed specifically around the needs of the 400 million Spanish speakers globally – something that he hopes will help to bring meditation to the masses in Latin America and beyond.

His early interactions with meditation were on YouTube but he found it frustrating that his concentration was constantly interrupted by ads. He wanted to find a better way, so he turned to a meditation app that was downloadable, affordable and easy to use and soon it became invaluable as he worked to make sense of his life. But Victor is from Colombia and soon he realized that while many meditation apps had proven hugely successful in the Anglo Saxon world, nobody had built one specifically for the Spanish speaking world – and that was his “lightbulb moment”.

“There are more than 400 million Spanish speakers around the world and they face different challenges that are specific to their culture. We set out to deliver meditation to the masses by creating a guided meditation app specifically built around their needs.

“We hope that our beautiful, sensitively designed app will help to put meditation within easy reach of the Latin American diaspora. Our aim is to make meditation a part of daily life in Latin America. We want to put inner peace in your pocket so that Spanish speakers, wherever they are in the world can access meditation any place, at any time and at an affordable price.”

The result is Aire Fresco, the world’s first guided meditation app designed by Hispanic people for the Spanish speaking world.

For Victor, this has always been a passion project: “Meditation helped me to get through one of the most difficult periods of my life and I want to share its benefits with the widest number of people possible in the Spanish speaking world. We’ve developed a beautiful, simple and intuitive platform, easy to use, beautifully designed, science based and with storytelling at its heart”.

“We have a wonderful team of international experts alongside us to make this all happen, but we are Latin American at our core. We understand the specific challenges of Hispanic people, because that’s the essence of who we are. Not only are we focusing on building our app in Spanish, but all our guided meditations are specifically written to deal with the daily challenges that are faced by the Hispanic community, which we have a unique insight into.

“It’s been created by Latin Americans for Latin Americans and that makes us unique. We’ve also partnered with award winning illustrator, Leo Espinosa, one of Colombia’s leading children’s book illustrators whose drawings are the inspiration for our storytelling”.

Victor continued: “We’re delighted to have created something that we think will be so valuable to the Latin American world. We plan to “soft launch” the app over the Summer before sharing it more widely later in the year. Meanwhile, we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign on While we’ve self-funded this project up to now, we’re looking for some extra support to get us to the next stage. Crowdfunding is a great way for us to start building a supportive and engaged community as we develop this project. We’re initially looking for around $10,000, which will help us to fine tune our product and finish the development stage so that we can go “live” properly with a formal launch after the Summer.

“We want to build with this crowdfunding campaign a sense of community and belonging in Latin America to a cause which we believe will be the next big step in public health. Of course, while we value any support we get from our growing community of followers, we know that nothing is for free, so we’re offering some great rewards for anybody who believes enough in our project to help it to take off. You can support us online for as little as a $5 donation and we have perks for all supporters, all the way up to $1000. Each level of support will receive a different package of benefits ranging from simple door hangers (to stop people from barging in on your meditation sessions) through to downloadable relaxing music tracks specially recorded for Aire Fresco.

For those who choose to make larger donations, we have a progressive rewards package that at the higher levels include lifetime subscriptions to our app, personalized meditation consultations and exclusive partnership deals. All the details are available on our Indiegogo fundraising page:

Even before the App is launched, it has more than x,000 Facebook followers, a real indication that there is huge latent demand for a service of this kind. Comparable apps in the English speaking world already have millions of paid subscribers and are putting guided meditation within easy reach of anybody with a few dollars to spare.

“Meditation has been around for thousands of years and now, we’re putting inner peace in your pocket, any time, any place and on any mobile device – and all of this for a price you can afford. We think that the timing is just right. There is a huge move across Europe and North America towards mindfulness and meditation. We think it is time that Spanish speakers are given the same opportunity. With a market of more than 400 million Spanish speakers around the world, there is great potential for us to share this with the largest number of people possible so that eventually, meditation becomes a part of daily life – it should be as natural as brushing your teeth in the Spanish speaking world,” said Victor.

About Aire Fresco

Aire Fresco is the first meditation app specifically designed for the Spanish speaking world. Founded in 2017 by Victor Coutin, it aims to help Latinos/Spanish speakers find peace in a stressful world. It is the first app of its kind to launch for the Hispanic market and has been built by Hispanic folks for Hispanic folks. Our aim is to bringing meditation to the masses through a simple, beautifully designed and affordable app that you can use anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Our content is built around common themes of stress (but tailored to the Hispanic world) and is simple, convenient and affordable – now you can have inner peace in your pocket. Everyone faces stress, now you can manage it! Simple, convenient and affordable, we put inner peace in your pocket.

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