The Ritual Rug – The Most Sustainable, Handwoven, slip-free, non-toxic Yoga Mat

Combining traditional craft with powerful, ethical innovation.

Finding the right yoga mat becomes a priority once we decide to take our practice more seriously. Slipping and sliding on a yoga mat can be distracting to the practitioner… and it’s just downright annoying. To help you get there, Ma Wovens created “The Ritual Rug.

The Ritual Rug is entirely handwoven by master weavers at an artisan weaving studio in India, using only environmentally conscious materials, such as premium organic hemp and non-toxic rubber. This Yoga mat provides great comfort for wrists and knees with a perfect amount of padding thanks to the 6mm rubber which is denser through the middle.

This beautiful mat-meets-towel is slip-free, and arguably the most sustainable yoga mat available. With its beautiful textile aesthetic, it can be left out as decoration in a home and versatile and light-weight enough to pack up and take to the beach.

When we set out to create The Ritual Rug,” we wanted to make sure that wed create something that could really make a difference for the users. For this reason, we considered many different aspects of its design. In addition to creating a product thats durable, beautiful and ethical, we also made sure that you can make the most out of this incredible item! Versatility lies at the core of this rug, and its non-slip, grip-friendly construction is more than ideal for yoga practice and adventures beyond.

Kelly Peyton, Ma Wovens

Recently, the brand started a Kickstarter campaign to bring The Ritual Rug to life. By pledging to the project, you can receive amazing perks, as well as help Ma Wovens create different color options in two variations. Whether you’re looking for the best yoga rug for bad knees or something that’s healthy for both you and the environment, Ma Wovens has you covered.

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