JESUS’ YEARS IN INDIA – An alternate religious history

M. Payoly’s “JESUS’ YEARS IN INDIA” tells the story of how Jesus was saved from the cross and escaped to Kashmir.

The majority of people believe that a couple of thousand years ago, a man named Jesus was crucified because he claimed to be the son of God. Jesus is well known on all continents and recognized by the followers of various religions. He was born in Palestine and spent his childhood there. There is no explanation in the Bible about where he was and what he did between the ages of 12 and 29. The Roman Church was aware of it, but has deliberately kept it a secret. However, historical evidence hints that Jesus arrived in India when he was fourteen years old. He studied in the famous Hindu Temple of Jagannath in Puri, Orissa, visited Benares and other Hindu holy places. Later, he visited and studied in Buddhist monasteries in India, Nepal and Tibet. He became a master in Hindu scriptures and Yoga.

The book “JESUS’ YEARS IN INDIA” by M. Payoly continues to tell his life story. The author describes how Jesus returned to Palestine at the age of 29 to fulfill his mission. Historical evidence also indicates that Jesus did not die on the cross and escaped to Kashmir, India, where he preached his new faith as a respected holy man. According to M. Payoly’s book, Jesus grew old and died in Kashmir. This book relays detailed information about how Jesus was saved from the cross and escaped to Kashmir and reveals where the tombs of Mother Mary and Jesus can be found.The book draws on findings based on the works of erudite scholars like N. Notovitch, K. N. Ahamad, M. A. Faruqui and Prof. F. Hassnain.

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