The Holy Land of blessing in China – Guangdong Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park

As a famous Buddhist shrine in China, many good men and women will pray to the Buddha and pray for the blessing of the gods. The more famous praying place is the Guanyin Mountain in Guangdong. Guangdong Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park, located in Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan, is the first private national forest park and 4A national tourism scenic spot integrated with ecological tourism, leisure vacation and Buddhist culture. The scenic spot has successively won the “International Eco-safety Tourism Demonstration Base”, “China’s Top Ten Leisure Tourism Scenic Spots” and “China’s Top Ten Love Theme Scenic Spots” awarded by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), relevant state ministries and commissions and Guangdong Province.

Guanyin Mountain enjoys a beautiful natural environment, picturesque scenery, pleasant and fresh air, and high negative oxygen ion content. It is known as the “Nantian Holy Land, Baiyue Fairyland” and “Natural Oxygen Bar”. Approximately 18 species of wild plants and more than 300 species of wild animals grow and multiply in an area of 18 square kilometers. The forest coverage rate is over 90%. The original secondary forest is full of greenery and unique natural ecological features. There are many scenic spots and different scenes with every step. The Granite Stone Carving Guanyin Statue and the Old Tree Museum rank first in the world.

Guanyin Mountain boasts its long history and culture. It’s the fFamous Buddhist mountains in the south of the Five Ridges Mountains, which is believed to be the first place to stay when Guanyin Bodhisattva was introduced into China. Guanyin Temple on the top of the hill was built in the Tang Dynasty and it has stood still with bright candles and burning incenses for thousands of years, where people from different places worship and pray. Furthermore, Guanyin Mountain is also a blessing place for love and marriage, such as Songzi Guanyin Statue, Songzi Spring, Wish Tree, and Sansheng Stone, which attracts countless men and women to pray to Buddha for their happy marriages.

Guangdong Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park, with its unique natural landscape and profound cultural connotation, has become one of the best tourist destinations for people to embrace green ecology and pursue spiritual life. Here is a brief introduction to the famous tourist attractions here.


It covers an area of 828 square meters, 28 meters high, 46 meters long and 18 meters wide. It adopts the architectural style of ancient city building in the Qing Dynasty and the angle of flying eaves, full of magnificent spirit and beauty of Chinese classical architecture. The tourist service center and the tourist center are set in. It is the first beautiful scenery seen by tourists entering the scenic spot.

Convention & Exhibition Center

It Coves an area of 50,000 square meters, accommodating 30,000 people. The characteristic comprehensive central stage, equipped with advanced sound, light, electricity, music and other equipment, is the ideal place to conduct large-scale activities such as art performance, festival celebration and exhibition. The visitors can enjoy the authentic Shaolin Kungfu, the auspicious Buddhist dance and dance, the fashion show of literature and art, and the thrill of galloping, etc. every day.

Ciyun Pavilion

It’s bout 38 meters high with 11 layers and unique shape like a jade hairpin, which is very magnificent. The city can be seen as a whole on the top of Ciyun Pavilllion. It is not only the landmark building of Zhangmutou Town, but also the office location of the park.


It is said that there was a young girl visitor named Miaolian in the Tang Dynasty. In order to save her long-time ill father, she only went to GuanYin Guanyin Mountain alone and, and Beaver prayed for three months, and when she returned home, she was surprised to find her father was recovered. The later generations believed that it was the power of Buddha who was touched by her sincere heart and made her dream come true. Therefore, people built Yinmiao Pavilion to memory Miaolian’s filial piety and the infinitely merciful Guanyin.

Yinmiao Pavilion

It’s said that there was a girl named Miaolian in the Tang Dynasty. In order to save her sicka long-time father, she went to GuanYin Guanyin Mountain alone, and Beaver prayed for three months, and when she returned home, she was surprised to find her father was recovered. The later generations believed that it was the power of Buddha who was touched by her sincere heart and made her dream come true by supernatural power. Therefore, people built Yinmiao Pavilion to memory Miaolian’s filial piety and the infinitely merciful Guanyin.

Xiangong Ridge

It is an ancient ruins of Taoism, which is said to be the alchemy ruins of Fire Dragon Man, Disciple of Taishang Laojun. existing during the Reign of Dao Guang. There are charming scenery and fresh air with high anion,.Tourists can lament passage of time, admire its long history, and enjoy the view of the scenery and the happiness.

High-altitude sliding cable

It’s about 338 meters of total length and nearly 40 meters of fall. It tourists take the cable, he can travel direct from “Bodhi Trail ” to “Laoxian Rock”, experiencing a wonderful feeling to hear the sound of Leaves in the blue sky. It is an exciting and challenging entertainment project.

Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea

This is about a group of Taoist myths and legends. Eight Immortals refer to Tie Guaili, Han Zhongli, Zhang Guolao, Cao Guojun, He Xianggu, Han Xiangzi, Lü Dongbin, Lan Cai, who were endowed with extraordinary power to help or rescue people in trouble, and were deeply trusted and worshiped by the public.

Falls View Platform

It’s located at 50 meters above the scenic spot of Laoxian Rock, a plurality of human landscapes, such as Entrance Leisure Kiosk, View Boardwalk, Flying Bridge, Falls View Platform and so on. During the rainy season,tourists on the Falls View Platform, can watch the steady stream of turbulent flow from top to bottom, which is shaped like falling from heaven with mist and thunderbolt. The scene is spectacular and breathtaking.

Bodhi Trail

It’s about 500 meters of total length with 666 stone steps, which is a shortcut to Laoxian Rock to Guanyin Square. When tourists stroll over Bodhi Trail, they will be shadowed from the sun because of many leaves on trees and emerged in the original secondary forest of extremely high anions. There are rugged rocks, ancient trees, exotic flowers and grasshoppers flying along the sides of Bodhi Trail, wonderful experience to feel the beauty of the peaceful paradise.

Gratitude Lake

It is a collection of mountain springs flowing out of the Yao-Fo Jungle. The lake is more than 20 meters deep with nearly 4,000 square meters above. It is surrounded by mountains and willows, which is very peaceful and beautiful, just like a fairy mirror gift to Guanyin Mountain from Bodhisattva. In order to respect for Guanyin Bodhisattva and nature, people called it Thanksgiving Lake.

Guanyin Temple

According to legend, Guanyin Mountain is the first place where Guanyin Bodhisattva arrived in Chin. During the Tang Dynasty, there was a temple of Guanyin, named Guanyin Zen Temple, in the north and Caoxi Baolin Temple in the south. The incense was prosperous with immortal lights for centuries. They were destroyed several times after the war and were rebuilded to transmit its traditional Buddhist culture.

Guanyin Holy Statues

It’s the world’s largest granite stone statue of Guanyin sits on the top of the scenic mountain and it’s artificially carved with special 999 granites for three years. Its main body is 33 meters high and weighs more than 3,300 tons. It is really vivid, both physically and spiritually imaginable, and graceful and elegant.The Status surrounded many trees looks particularly sacred and solemn under the blue sky and white clouds.

Yao-Fo Jungle

It is located at the second peak of Dongguan, with an altitude of 566 meters on Yao-Fo Ridge and a total length of 2200 meters. There are plenty of tall trees and bamboos around creeks in the jungle. The mountain is flat with many trails, suitable for different types of visitors walking and sightseeing. Visitors could stay here to view Guanyin Status and Thanksgiving Lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is the best platform for the panoramic view of Guanyin Holy Status and the perfect scenic spot for sightseeing.

Sutra Depository

It’s located on the south side of the Guanyin Square and the valley of Yao-Fo Jungle, and it’s a palace-style building like Tibetan Buddhist Pavilion completed in Ming and Qing Dynasty, with a large scale and great momentum. There are many Buddhist classics such as more than 5,000 volumes of Tripitaka in Han language and Tibetan, which are collected from Baima Temple in Henan and Fo-Guang Mountain in Taiwan separately. The collections in Sutra Depository are rare and precious, known as the great treasure of Guanyin Temple.

Of course, Guanyinshan has a lot of fun entertainment and specialties in addition to these famous attractions. More fun and delicious waiting for you to explore.

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